5 Of The Best Leather Briefcases For Men

Leyden and Sons Leather Bag best briefcase for menDepending on your job and your office environment, you may not need too own a briefcase. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. A briefcase is an easy way to level up your look in any professional environment.

Think about it. A dude walks into a meeting with briefcase in hand and you take notice. And so do the rest of the people there. We don’t know why the hell the world works that way, but it does.

We found a slew of the best briefcases for men that range from budget to … not so budget. Whatever you’re in the market for, these five options should help you make a selection.

Pictured: #1. Leyden and Sons Leather Bag Co. Estate Briefcase ($380 @ Amazon.com)

Features: suede front flaps and lining, adjustable strap with a 20-28-inch drop, and room for travel gear, laptop, and office supplies.

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