10 TV Bars We Wish Were Real

tv bars we wish existed

We like bars. And we like TV. So why the hell wouldn’t we want to grab a drink at some of our favorite TV bars that have loose waitresses and drunken skeeves who regularly pass out on the bar counter, and  that turn a blind eye when a Jedi Knight lops off a patron’s arm with a lightsaber.

10 TV Bars We Wish We Real paddy's #1. Paddy’s Pub | It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It might have been crowned Philadelphia’s worst bar, but crappy service, sketchy customers, an even sketchier neighborhood, and asshole owners wouldn’t keep us out of Paddy’s Pub.

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Why? 1) Dee the waitress is semi-cute, extremely desperate, and oh-so-easy. 2) We’ll ignore illegal activity; Paddy’s has been used as a gun range, gambling parlor, and sweat shop. 3) The staff doubles as the bar’s best customers, so on a good day, Dee, Mac, Frank, Charlie, and Dennis will get blackout drunk and forget we had a tab running.