The Disciples: Where Are They Now?

Jesus’ disciples are some of the most well-known figures in history. After all, they were the 12 men who traveled with Jesus and helped to spread His message. But what happened to them after Jesus’ death? Let’s take a look at their individual stories and find out where the disciples ended up.

Simon Peter was one of the first followers of Jesus, and was also known as Simon Cephas or “Rock.” He became one of Jesus’ closest confidants, and is mentioned more than any other disciple in the Bible. According to tradition, Peter eventually moved to Rome and was martyred there during Nero’s persecution of Christians around AD 64-67.

Andrew was Peter’s brother and is mentioned several times in the Gospels. He was known for his enthusiasm for spreading Christianity, and it is believed that he preached throughout Asia Minor before being crucified by order of the Roman governor at Patrae in Greece.

Thaddeus (also known as Jude or Judas) is best remembered for writing an epistle in the New Testament that bears his name. Tradition holds that Thaddeus traveled to Mesopotamia, Armenia, Persia, Syria, Lybia and Idumaea before being killed while attempting to convert a priest of Baal to Christianity in Beirut.

James (the Lesser) is believed to have been martyred by stoning after preaching throughout Palestine; however, some accounts suggest that he lived until old age without suffering martyrdom.

The remaining 8 disciples had a variety of fates: Philip became Bishop of Tralles; Bartholomew may have gone to India; Thomas went on missionary journeys through Asia; Matthew died a natural death after traveling abroad; John wrote several books of the New Testament before dying peacefully at Ephesus; Judas Iscariot hung himself after betraying Jesus; James (the Greater) died by beheading at Jerusalem; and Simon Zealotes was crucified in Egypt around AD 46-48.


While we can never know exactly what happened to each disciple after Jesus’ death, we can make educated guesses based on tradition and scripture references. Whether it be martyrdom or death by natural causes—or even apostasy—each disciple undoubtedly made an impression on those they encountered while spreading Jesus’ message throughout their respective regions. Despite their varying fates, we can all look back on these 12 brave individuals with admiration for their dedication and commitment to Christ’s teachings during their lifetimes here on Earth.