Firefly Pendant Lights For Your Pad

firefly pendant light

We’re guessing you’re not Amish and therefore rely on a little something called electricity to illuminate your home. So why not pick up lighting that isn’t the same run-of-the-mill stuff sold at Target or IKEA? Paired with the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter ($50) — a super cool product that allows you to turn useless empty bottles into things like vases, candle holders, or glasses — the Firefly LED Pendant Light Kit ($25-$100) provides easy-to-install lighting that’s both unique and energy efficient.

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If you’re concerned about pesky things like burning your house down, relax Sparky. A silicone cover prevents the lights from overheating. Some models also include a dimmer switch that allows you to monitor light output while setting the mood of the room.

Currently, the Firefly kit is a Kickstarter project. But odds are super high it’ll reach it’s $15K goal. Obviously the more you money you pledge to support it the sweeter the deal is for you. For example, if you don’t own a Kinkajou Bottle Cutter — and if you don’t, what the hell’s wrong with you!? — backing the campaign with $100 will get you one along with the Firefly kit.

Support the Kickstarter here.