The Green Jacket vs. The Gold Jacket

Green jacket at the MastersToday, an elite field of professional golfers began their quest to earn the fabled green jacket at The Masters Tournament. Next August, seven people will receive the somewhat less fabled but equally coveted gold jacket when they’re inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

How do the two unusual sports trophies stack up against one another? Like so …

Color Masters Green Tainted-Mustard Yellow
Presumable Fabric The finest Georgia cotton The finest Ohio polyester
Looks Great When Paired With Old money New artificial hips
Wearers Often Mistaken For Irish Shriners Swingin’ retirees
Common Insult Hurled At Wearers “Nice jacket, Kermit!” “Nice jacket, O.J.!”
Fattest Or Craziest Wearer Craig “The Walrus” Stadler Al “Nosferatu” Davis
Reminds Onlookers Of Leprechauns Jaundice
Often Found Inside Pockets Tees Vicodin

The Green Jacket

The green jacket has become synonymous with golf, especially after its widespread use by professional players on the PGA Tour. This is because it was first introduced at Augusta National Golf Club in 1937 as a way for members to easily identify each other on the course. It quickly became a symbol of prestige and excellence, which is why it is now given to the winner of The Masters tournament each year. The winner gets to keep their green jacket for an entire year before having to return it to Augusta National Golf Club upon completion of their next tournament victory.

The Gold Jacket

While not as famous as the green jacket, the gold jacket is just as significant in golf history. This piece of apparel is awarded to members of the World Golf Hall of Fame when they are inducted into this prestigious organization. The first gold jackets were presented in 1974, and since then they have become one of the most recognizable symbols in all of golf. Every golfer who receives a gold jacket can proudly wear it for life, signifying their place among some of the greatest players ever to play this great game.