The Osama bin Laden Death Celebration Picture Game!

After President Obama successfully ordered Navy SEALs to kill Osama bin Laden, a crowd of people gathered outside of the White House to celebrate the violent end of a lunatic who’d long deserved it.

Members of the crowd sang the National Anthem and honored loved ones who’d died serving their country overseas. But some also mugged for cameras and batted beach balls around like it was Spring Break. You probably saw some footage of the revelers on TV, but can you tell which of these photos are of them celebrating bin Laden’s death, and which are of people celebrating other stuff while bin Laden was still alive?

SPOILER ALERT!!!1!: The answers are at the end of the story.


Was Osama Dead Yet?: Osama Celebration 1


Was Obama Dead Quiz: Crowd Surfing


Osama Is Dead Olympics Image


Was Osama Dead Yet: Osama Celebration 2


Is Osama Dead Yet Quiz Kenny Powers


Was Osama Dead Yet? Quiz Obama Celebration 2


Was Osama Dead Yet? Quiz Axl Rose


Was Osama Dead Yet? Quiz George Bush Mission Accomplished


Was Osama Dead Yet? Osama Celebration 1


Tony Danza


1. Dead (Yep, that’s the celebration outside the White House.)
2. Alive (Kinda close though; it’s people in front of the White House celebrating Obama’s 2008 election.)
3. Alive (Fans cheering on U.S. athletes at the Beijing Olympics)
4. Dead (Another pic of the celebration)
5. Alive (Professional baseball legend Kenny Powers)
6. Alive (More people in front of the White House celebrating Obama’s 2008 election)
7. Alive (Axl Rose performing. The dead giveaway that he isn’t celebrating bin Laden’s death? The lack of cornrows.)
8. Alive (President Bush celebrating … well, we’re not sure what)
9. Dead (You can’t spell U.S.A. without hot chicks on shoulders celebrating the death of our enemies.)
10. Alive (But it’s still patriotic because it’s Tony Danza high-kicking at a July 4 celebration. Obviously.)