The Top 10 Sports To Play In The World

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Sports have been one of the prime driving forces of what makes humans human. The world has engaged in these tactical games for centuries. Whether it’s the crisp strike into the corner of the net or the powerful overhead smash, the same rush of adrenaline, the same high-spirited fans, and the same emotional roller coaster are present in each sport. The ultimate sense of competition, then, becomes the cherry on top.

This post has listed the top ten sports to play in the world based on their following. Check them out below.

10. Golf

This sport boasts a large and cult following out of the cream of the business crop. That’s why it’s widely considered as the ‘gentleman’s game.’  It has an estimated fan following of 450 million. Despite being a totally exhilarating sport, golf is also very relaxing, no wonder why almost every business person you know love this sport one way or the other.

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9. Rugby

One of the most physical sports, rugby involves two teams with 15 players each. The sport attracts a large number of audiences looking for some good dose of adrenaline rush. It has an estimated following of 475 million people around the world. Rugby is most notably played in places that the British Empire ruled in the 18th and 19th centuries. It’s also played in European countries.

8. Baseball

This sport has a huge following in the US and neighboring countries. It’s actually a staple of popular American culture. It’s following in the whole world is estimated to be at 500 million, with its popularity reaching even Asian countries. For instance, in Japan, baseball is one of the main sports played. 

The game promises a significant dose of thrill and excitement. Every baseball game features two teams, each with nine players who try to score runs using a uniquely designed bat and ball.

7. Basketball

The sport originated in Massachusetts, USA. Its creation was credited to Dr. James Naismith in the late 19th century. The sport has evolved into a highly paid game. It’s also one of the most followed, with an estimated 825 million followers. The following is so great that athletes who have made a name in basketball have become renowned celebrities.

6. Table Tennis

An exciting game to watch and play despite being relatively simple, table tennis has an estimated 875 million followers. The sport has spread its influence globally despite its unassuming presence.

5. Volleyball

Another sport that originated in the US in the 19th century, volleyball’s popularity is most notable in beaches. The game puts special demands on physical activity and strength despite being a very simple one. The game is exciting, nonetheless, as indicated by its estimated following of 900 million fans.

4. Tennis

With an estimated number of followers of one billion, tennis is the first sport in this list to hit the billion mark. The game has European origins, but has evolved into a worldwide sport that spews sponsorship and money that only a few others can match. Fans of the sport take tennis tournaments as fever and see them as prestigious events.

3. Field Hockey

Players of field hockey in nations like Bangladesh, Australia, Pakistan, and India are considered national heroes. The sport is of similar character to football. The only difference is that instead of being guided by the feet, the ball in field hockey is driven around by a special bat. The sport has two billion estimated followers and is very popular in the Commonwealth.

2. Cricket

Cricket has achieved cult proportions in the modern world, with only very few countries left out as participants. The sport was initially played in the garden by English players and their counterparts from their Australian colony. One of the most expensive and truly mega global sporting events is the Cricket World Cup. It occurs every four years, with India, England, and Australia being the tournament’s most successful teams. Cricket has an estimated fan following of two and a half billion.

1. Football

The sport needs no introduction. It’s considered as the granddaddy of all sports around the world. It’s also known as the ‘beautiful game.’

The game’s modern interpretation can be traced to England. Its estimated number of followers is four billion. Football’s following is so great that almost the entire world gets crazy excited when the FIFA World Cup is already on the horizon. The FIFA World Cup also occurs every four years, with France as the current defending champion.

Final Thoughts

The sports in this list are played by all people regardless of gender, age, color, race, religion, culture, and ethnicity. Truly, sports are something that people share together globally. They basically bring the world together.