The Ugliest Sports Uniforms of All Time


When it comes to sports uniforms, simple is usually better. Nevertheless, many teams have tried to stand out by adopting … unique senses of style. How unique (okay, ugly) have things gotten? From cowgirl outfits to Daisy Dukes to scads of pink, sports uniforms have gotten pretty damned ugly. And these are the worst. (But let us know if we forgot about any in the comments.)

ugliest sports uniforms everST. LOUIS BLUES | 1996
Legendary hockey coach Mike Keenan once grabbed Hall of Famer Jeremy Roenick around the throat and chewed him out for delivering what Keenan thought was a weak check. So how pissed was Keenan in 1996 when the NHL wanted his Blues to take the ice dressed like a mural in a high school music department? Pretty pissed, apparently; Keenan made sure the jerseys never made it out of the locker room.