The Worst Foods To Eat For Clear Skin

Looking to keep your skin and complexion clear? Then you have to keep your pores clean and eat the right diet. Shoveling crappy foods down your gullet makes you feel and look crappy — in your midsection and your complexion. Here are some of the worst foods to eat for clear skin:

  • Greasy Foods
    greasy foodGreasy foods not only clog your digestive tract, but they also do the same to the pores on your face. Cooking greasy meats over the skillet is just as bad as consuming them. That grease gets into your pores and causes some major breakouts.
  • Candy
    candyCandy is packed with sugar. When you consume too much it causes an imbalance in your body. It dulls your skin and you can say bye-bye to your pretty complexion.
  • Dairy
    Dairy Many people aren’t aware that dairy can be bad for your skin. It causes your body to create mucus. Reducing dairy from your diet will keep those little balls from forming in and clogging your pores!
  • Energy Drinks
    Energy-DrinksEnergy drinks are essentially poison in a can. They have an abundance of chemicals and caffeine. These drinks are known to cause anxiety in some people which leads to stress, and stress leads to breakouts!
  • Canola and Vegetable Oil
    oilJust like greasy foods, these two particular oils can wreak havoc in your body. They offer no nutritional value which will cause your skin to dull and break out. You need vitamins and healthy oils to give your skin a glow.
  • Alcohol
    alcoholIt’s well known that alcohol dehydrates your body. It will cause your skin to flake, and lose its youthful appearance. If you want healthy skin, your body needs to be well hydrated!

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