5 Tips for Crushing Your Goals

crush your new years goals

Nearly half of America’s population makes New Year’s resolutions, with a vast majority of those ambitions being to improve health, lose weight, and save money. But of those goal-setters, a measly eight percent are successful, according to statisticsbrain.com. To up that percentage, we’ve made it our resolution to help you with your resolutions by partnering with Gillette Shave Club to provide simple tips that’ll help you dominate the next 365 days. Why Gillette Shave Club? Because they’ve already provided us a jump-start on owning 2017 by helping us revamp our shave routines. And that’s part of what kicks off our top five tips…

#1. Anticipate Laziness

Whatever the activity, anticipate that you’ll eventually search for excuses to skip out on it. For example, if you’re looking to hit the gym before work, get everything ready the night before —make breakfast, set your clothes and shoes out, and leave your bag packed with a change of clothes and work materials by the door. Remove potential excuses and your odds of bailing will plummet.

#2. Look Better to Feel Better

A Duke University study found that a well-kept appearance has direct links to perceived competence and higher wages. In other words, putting effort into how you look can literally pay off. Plus, when you feel like you look good it’s a surefire confidence booster. Start with these three tasks:

• Clean Out Your Closet

Identify articles of clothing you haven’t worn in a year and then donate them to people who are less fortunate. Not only should you feel good about giving back, but you’ll have made room for wardrobe upgrades.

crush your goals shave better

• Shave Without Stress

Gillette Shave Club’s flexible subscription service delivers high-quality razor blades to your doorstep. Shipping is free and you get a razor handle and shave cream with your first shipment. It couldn’t be easier and keeps you stocked up without having to worry about picking up refills. Additional grooming ideas: Revisit your shave routine and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Especially during the wintertime, keep your skin hydrated so it doesn’t become chapped or flaky.

• Wear Clothes That Fit Your Body Type

This usually involves choosing patterns wisely — vertical lines draw people’s eyes up and down; horizontal lines do the opposite — and sometimes buying slimming compression gear until you get your diet on point. Which brings us to …

#3. Have Fun Getting Fit

Signing a contract with a run-of-the-mill chain gym might lead to run-of-the-mill workouts. Boredom destroys motivation. So instead of settling, use smartphone apps and web-based services that allow you to test out numerous gyms and fitness classes without a long-term commitment. Expect the monthly fee to run you in the $75-$100 range. The variety can keep your interest piqued and your spare tire in check.

#4. Focus on Breathing

In our ultra-connected society, we often neglect to provide ourselves adequate time to relax and process thoughts. Meditating just a few minutes a day could be a no-cost solution for healthier living. A review of 19,000 meditation studies from researchers at Johns Hopkins University that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that mindfulness meditation—sitting comfortably, being present (read: not checking emails or fantasy football rosters) and focusing on breathing—was linked to lower anxiety, depression, and pain.

Other studies indicate that meditation can also improve sleep and combat insomnia. Best of all, burning incense or saying “Namaste” isn’t required to experience any of the benefits.

 crush your new years goals count calories

#5. Make Your Diet a Lifestyle

A diet won’t be sustainable unless you weave it into your lifestyle. However, immediate changes you can make include ditching soda, eliminating added sugar, and predominantly eating protein-centric meals made with whole foods that are minimally processed. And even if you’re too busy to cook, you’re a kitchen klutz, or you don’t know the difference between a garden burger and a lard burger, there are still ways to adopt a new meal plan that works for you. Such as …

• Pre-Made Meal Delivery Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, pescetarian, or a veterinarian, there’s an online meal delivery service that caters to your needs. Broken down to a per-meal basis, many of these services come out to a reasonable $10-$12 per serving.

• Fresh Ingredient Delivery Services

Skip the grocery line and have fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients sent your way for about $40 or $50 per delivery. There’s usually enough food to last at least a week, or more.