Tips to becoming a better person

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The process of complete self-fulfilment can be a long one. Whether you are on a path of self-redemption or just want to better yourself, taking steps to becoming a better person can help you lead a healthier, happier life. There are a number of different ways to do this. From improving your mental health to letting go of any pent-up anger, the right tools can allow you to take the first step towards becoming a better person today.  

Practice forgiveness

Forgiveness is a fundamental step in the process of becoming a better person. From pardoning an old friend to forgiving yourself for any past misdemeanours, ridding yourself of resentment can have a positive effect on your mental as well as physical health. Latching on to bygone disputes only chips away at you and intensifies feelings of bitterness and hostility over time. Regardless of how much admiration and respect you place onto others, there will always be people out there that betray your trust. You simply can’t please everyone. Accepting this truth is the first phase in the process of learning to practice forgiveness and become a better person. Forgiveness can release you from anger and allow you to take the first step on the journey towards complete freedom and recovery. There are a number of ways to practice forgiveness and become a better person. Beginners may benefit from practising forgiveness on a daily basis. For example, think of someone who has hurt you in the past. Visualise the moment they hurt you and how it felt. Hold on to the reluctance to forgive. How does this feel? Are you sad? Angry? Irritated? You must then ask yourself why you are holding on to this feeling. Could you benefit, both mentally and physically, from alleviating this burden and letting go? If the answer is no, you may still need some time to grieve and heal. If the answer is yes, take a deep breath in and out and allow your troubles to be released from your mind and body.

Take responsibility

As well as learning to forgive, you must also learn to take responsibility for your actions. Your behaviour has a direct impact on the life you have created for yourself. You are in control of your own destiny. By acknowledging this and holding yourself accountable for any past wrongdoings or mistakes, you can learn to adjust your behaviour and make better choices for your current and future self. By failing to take responsibility, you run the risk of engaging in a series of self-destructive behaviours and fracturing your relationships with those around you. These consequences can be difficult to repair, and you may end up causing irreversible damage. This can also trigger a ripple effect. Living without a sense of accountability may seem like a smooth ride at first but cracks can begin to appear over time. This cycle will only repeat itself time and time again until you spiral out of control and your life comes crashing down around you. By taking responsibility for your actions and your life, you have the power to silence negative thoughts and make changes that will positively affect the direction of your life going forward.

Be organised

Organisation is a skill many of us lack. Whether you lead a busy life or thrive under pressure, organisation can be difficult to incorporate into our daily lives. With fewer interruptions to distract your focus, you can maximise your productivity and performance. A tidy home equals a tidy mind. A clean and tidy living space has been proven to reduce stress levels and boost morale. It can also subconsciously prompt us to eat nutritious food, get more sleep and increase our physical activity which can all contribute to us leading a healthier, happier life. By compartmentalising your life, you can save time searching for important documents needed for work-related tasks and fall in love with your home all over again. This can also lead to increased organisation in all aspects of your life. There are several steps you can take to work on your organisational skills. It can be as simple as compiling a daily checklist or even hiring an assistant. Decluttering your space is a great place to start. There are also numerous health benefits associated with injecting some order into your life. From a reduction in stress levels and a healthier sleep schedule to increased productivity at work and more time for yourself, a little effort really can go a long way.

Seize the day

Making an effort to seize the day can improve your daily routine and enhance your quality of life over time. Take the time to do something for yourself or others at least once a day. Whether you treat yourself to a coffee during your lunch break or pay for someone else’s, this can help you maximise your time and go to bed with a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day. Those that wake up and decide to win the day are more likely to proceed with a sense of determination and get more done. This can also allow you to hold yourself accountable for the small milestones and setbacks you experience in your day-to-day life. Start by doing something new each day. It doesn’t have to be big. Something as simple as taking a detour home from work or finally booking that trip can trigger a domino effect that can lead to a newfound sense of spontaneity and a zest for life. Take that first step outside of your comfort zone today and find out whether or not the grass really is greener on the other side.

Allow time for you

Taking time for yourself can be viewed as a selfish task. With so many responsibilities and obligations to tend to on a daily basis, we tend to forget to free up quality time for ourselves. By simplifying your routine and de-stressing your brain, you can learn to reserve time for yourself and the hobbies and interests that you enjoy. A 30-minute breather can be all it takes to recuperate and refocus. This can enhance productivity and boost performance. There are a number of steps you can take to allow time for yourself and start the journey towards becoming a better person today. By learning to delegate tasks and saying no, you can cut down on energy spent on duties that waste valuable time and sap your momentum. Becoming more organised can also streamline your personal and professional life and improve your relationship with others around you. By cutting down on stress and taking more time for yourself, you can create quality time for the things you really enjoy and learn to become a better person.

We should all strive to become better versions of ourselves. By envisioning how you can improve your life and actioning change, you can take steps towards becoming a better person today. It does not require a drastic life overhaul. Small steps can lead to great results over time. By practicing forgiveness and self-compassion, you can become a better person for yourself and those around you. This can also lead to improved mental and physical health when maintained over time.