Tips To Improve Your Mental Health from Home

nik shuliahin BuNWp1bL0nc unsplash

World Health Organisation reports on mental health conditions worldwide reflect that increased social media use and the recent Coronavirus pandemic phase have aggravated mental health problems.  Today, millions of people suffer from anxiety and depression as they find it difficult to deal with challenging life conditions, such as health, employment, relationships, and finances. 

The increased search for the best online therapy sites points to the dire situation and desperation among the masses.   People are waking up to the new realities of life, such as working from home, temporary employment, home-schooling of children, and lack of contact with family, friends, and colleagues.

Fortunately, there are some tips on how one can improve their mental health from home.

  • Follow a routine and keep yourself busy and positive.  Your day should include time for exercise, keeping up to date with the latest news, getting some entertainment, and listening to motivational talks.  Keep up with daily routines to stay positive in life and in control.
  • East healthy and keep up with personal hygiene every day.  Those daily habits will make you feel good about yourself and your life.  When you eat healthy and fresh food, your body will look and feel good from the inside and outside, and you will naturally feel positive about life.
  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking, as those are not the right ways to deal with anxiety and boredom.  Don’t start drinking alcohol just because you are lonely or have nothing to do.  Keep your mind busy with some work, go out in the garden or pick up that phone and talk to your best friend, or indulge in your hobby.
  • Exercise regularly as it not only improves your body, manages weight, and reduces the risk of disease but also improves your brain health.  With a better mind and body, you will feel in control of your life situations and ready to take on any challenges.  Those who exercise regularly are less vulnerable to mental health issues.
  • Make time and space for some hobbies in your life.  It could be painting, gardening, music, reading, singing, etc.  Having a hobby in your life is an excellent way to give expression to your life and vent your feelings.  When your mind is completely absorbed in doing something that you love, you have less time to worry or get anxious about it.
  • Social contact is important; even if you cannot meet your friends regularly, keep in touch with them via phone and social media networks.  You can always join some local groups with similar interests and make new friends.
  • Even though you need entertainment from your favorite shows on TV and get news or play video games, allocate screen time for entertainment.  It is best to set a limit on your screen time and spend it on other activities like hobbies or exercise.  Take a regular break from screen time to give rest to your eyes and mind.
  • Spend time with yourself and connect with your real self with regular meditation, which is known to relax the mind completely.  Those who meditate regularly develop a positive mind which is free of any mental health issues.  Listen to positive talks and have spiritual discussions with like-minded people.
  • A good way of keeping your mind free of any disturbances is to go out and help and support those who are even in more miserable conditions.  If you look around in your community, you will find plenty of people, such as aged seniors, who are living alone and need help with their daily chores, shopping, paying bills, and other activities.  Spend some time with them or help them out to feel good.

The trick lies in maintaining a routine in life and keeping the right balance between work and entertainment.