Top 10 Household Pests in California to Watch Out For

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While household pests can be a problem in just about any part of the United States and the wider world, the truth is that not all pests affect all places, and some pests plague specific locations. In California, for example, the pests that bother residents in Orange County, Malibu, Santa Monica or Venice are not always going be the same pests that are proliferating on the other side of the country. In this article, we look at a few of the more common pests that you are likely to encounter in your average Californian home.

1. Ants

Ants are everywhere, they always have been, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon, so the best we can do is learn to live with them and to manage their populations when they encroach near to human habitats. In California specifically, there are Red imported Fire Ants along with Carpenter ants to watch out for. While the male ants only live for a week or two, the queen can live for decades! They might only be small at roughly half a centimeter and weigh less than 5mg, but they’ve been around for over 92 million years, so they know how to survive. Some common repellants include Citrus (lemon peel, juice, etc.), vinegar, and baking soda.

2. Termites

If you have a problem with termites, then you have a pest control issue to contend with as they can be very destructive, especially to the structural timbers of your home and other buildings. Like ants, they live in social colonies, under the direction of a queen (they are commonly confused with ants, in fact), and identification is critical, as left unchecked, they can make a real mess. Once you discover termites in your building, it is often too late. Try orange oil or the juice from an aloe vera plant to deter termites (although a professional termite control team is strongly recommended). Your local Orange County pest control experts should be your first port of call when you suspect a termite outbreak.

3. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are born survivors. Did you know they can live for a week without water and up to four weeks without food? This makes them likely to be a lot more patient than you. Synonymous with a dirty kitchen, a cockroach is just as comfortable in hot, arid environments like the desert as they are in the freezing temperatures of the Arctic. If there was ever a tricky adversary, it’s the cockroach, so while lemon peel, baking soda, and bay leaves are known to put them off, a professional pest control expert is the way forwards.

4. Millipedes

While a millipede might enjoy spending most of their time outside, given half a chance, they will try to invade your home, making them one of the most common Californian house invaders. Millipedes might look scary, but the real damage is done when they start chewing on your wood, especially anything that’s already a bit rotten. Keep your nose alert for any odd smells as their odor is known to be uniquely distinctive.

Stay alert and vigilant to any potential pest problems in your Californian home, and if in doubt, make sure you call a local pest control expert to point you in the right direction.