Top 10 Male Masturbator Toys

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The worldwide sex toy market is ruled by women nowadays.

What about men who also deserve sexual pleasure?

It is time for men to explore their sexuality and stop being ashamed about their needs and fantasies. Current statistics show that men masturbate way more often than women.  This private sex time helps men to release tension, reduce stress, sleep better, and even realize what they enjoy in bed the most.

Sex therapists recommend using masturbators for stamina training and intense orgasms. Consider testing them out in case you want to spice your solo sex life.

Here is a list of top ten masturbators on the market:

Silicon dolls

The sex doll industry is growing rapidly. Nowadays you can find any doll you like. More than that, you can even create your own perfect type by choosing the size of her body parts, hair colour, and facial expression.

What kind of sex do you like most?

Depending on the type of doll, you can imitate vaginal, anal and oral sex. Some dolls have removable parts, so it is easy to clean and maintain them.

If you want some companionship or make your unusual fantasies come true, a silicone sex doll would be the right option for you. 

Pink Lady Original

The Fleshlight Pink Lady Original Masturbator is a good option for men who travel a lot. If you want to hide your sex toy from prying eyes, pop the cap on, and it will look like an average fleshlight. 

Nowadays this toy is on the list of the most selling masturbators for men.

You can keep the toy right next to your bed or take it with you on the plane, and no one will ask questions. It is made out of non-toxic and phthalate-free material that helps recreate a tight woman’s vagina.

In addition, the Pink Lady Original is easy to clean; you can remove lubricants with cold water or toy cleaner.

Tenga Wavy II Egg

Tenga egg is one of the most affordable options for men who want to make masturbating more enjoyable.

It is a disposable and hygienic toy that can make anyone a pro at hand jobs. The eggs don’t imitate decorative vagina; however, they can enable a grip pressure that combined with lubricant can provide you with an exciting experience

This masturbator offers different levels of stimulation, including soft, standard and hard. Also, it can fit all sizes thanks to its elasticity. You can use it for your solo journey and with your partner.

Men Heat

Men Heat is a relatively new product on the market that allows users to enjoy pleasure without the efforts. The masturbator has an innovative adjustable warming function and up-and-down pump. You can warm it up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit so that it can feel like during real sexual intercourse. 

All you need to do is to press the power button and let the toy do all the job for you. How do you like the idea?

It is waterproof so you can easily wash it with mild soap or take it to the shower with you. And the cherry on top – this masturbator has ten vibrating functions that you can enjoy during the whole hour. After that, you can charge Men Heat with your USB cable.

Deep throat vacuum cup

This is another affordable masturbator that you can buy for less than $10. The product’s name implies throat sucking sensation. Toy’s valves create a vacuum inside of the cup so that you can fly away from sexual pleasure.

You can control all its functions with your fingerprints. The vacuum cup contains gripping materials that you can adjust to make your sensations more intense.

The toy is travel-safe, and it can be combined with any lubricant you like. In addition to its functions, it can also make a sucking sound that can help you get in the mood.

Flight Pilot

The Flight Pilot masturbator combines a hard plastic case with a silky-soft insert. Its design helps to achieve human-like pleasure.

Flight Pilot can be a smart investment, since it can last a lifetime if you take proper care of it. You can clean it right after every use with cold water and hand soap.

Also, the masturbator was designed to be discreet.

Over the past few years, the toy became a big seller all over the world – more than eight million copies were sold.

Penis Pump

The Rookie Penis Pump is also known as vacuum erection pump. It is a tube that fits over the penis; removing air from the tube triggers erection and makes you come.

According to a study, penis pump also has health benefits. It can be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) since it increases blood flow and helps to last longer. 

Find a comfortable place, use some lubricant, place a tube around your penis and turn on the pump. The masturbator will do the rest.

Funzone Vulcan Tight Vagina

If you have never tried masturbators before, the Funzone Vulcan could be the right option for you. It is a user-friendly toy that costs less than $20. The Funzone Vulcan can last a lifetime if you keep it clean.

It is made out of jelly textured material. Feel free to take Vulcan to the tub with you; it is 100% waterproof.

Funzone Vulcan has soft and vagina-like entrance; users admit that its tightness creates realistic sensations.

Quickshot Boost – Clear

The Quickshot Boost – Clear has a lot of advantages.

First of all,  it is a super-secret masturbator that you can easily hide. Once the toy is capped, it is difficult to understand what it is used for since it doesn’t have a vagina-like entrance like the other toys. If you don’t have a lot of privacy in the house, the Quickshot Boost – Clear would be an excellent choice for you.

Secondly, this masturbator is easy to clean since you can turn it inside out without risk of overstretching it. Also, you can use the toy while solo playing or with your partner.

Pulse III Duo with Remote

Nowadays, Pulse III Duo with Remote is one of the most innovative masturbators for men. You can use it alone or during sexual intercourse with your partner since it can also stimulate women’s clitoris.

The toy is made out of 100% silicone and has one size that fits everyone. Place it over your penis and press the button on your remote control so that it can start vibrating.

You can charge the toy with your USB cable; however, it is fully waterproof, which makes the cleaning process easier. For more ideas check out this hands-free masturbator guide from My Sex Toy Guide.