Top 5 Hiit Home Gym Equipment Must-Have in 2022


One exercise that is popular today is HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. A HIIT session is a workout routine where you do intervals of exercises with a duration that ranges from ten seconds up to eight minutes. This exercise routine aims to reach 80-90% of your maximum heart rate.

Many individuals opt for HIIT exercise because it doesn’t need so much time to complete. It is quick yet very effective. Twenty minutes is all it takes to complete an entire routine of HIIT. The key here is to focus on the intensity of the workout and not the length. Additionally, HIIT exercises are a type of routine that can be done in the comfort of your home.

There is no need to pay for expensive gym memberships. It is also best to purchase fitness equipment Canberra for your home that will help you reach the required intensity of a HIIT exercise. So, if you choose to get shredded at home, here are the top five pieces of equipment you must have to help you get started.


A treadmill is one of the best exercising machines you can get. Treadmills are also part of the best barbend top home gyms which are perfect for those who want to work out at home. It is the equipment you can use to help you do a cardio routine for your HIIT training. Treadmills are compact and are installed in a small space without worrying about not getting the machine’s full potential.

When using a treadmill for your HIIT cardio, you must ensure that you increase the intensity of your treadmill workout. A treadmill can also help shorten your routine. If you are looking for a simple HIIT workout, the treadmill is the best equipment. You can intensify your ordinary exercise to make it HIIT-worthy.

Start by doing a 10 minutes warm-up from a brisk walk to a light jog. After 10 minutes, your body is warmed up and ready to take on a more intense round. So, ramp up your treadmill and run at ten mph for 1 minute. It is the crucial round of your routine.

After a minute of maximum intensity interval, slow down your pace and walk or jog at four mph for 20 seconds. Repeat the routine and remember to alternate the maximum and moderate intensity seven times. And lastly, cool down your body before ending the routine by walking for 5 minutes and stretching.

Rowing Machine

When it comes to gym equipment, the rowing machine is the most popular machine best for HIIT workouts. The machine provides a high intensity that fits the requirement of HIIT training. In addition, a rowing machine can provide an anaerobic, total body, and scalable workout that makes it suitable for a HIIT exercise.

Because a rowing machine is scalable, anyone can easily use the equipment at any age. Depending on your required intensity, it can be easily adjusted to be harder or easier.

If you have used a rowing machine before, you might have already noticed that it keeps your entire body moving, making it a good machine for a total body workout.

Furthermore, since HIIT exercises need to be high intensity, you should use anaerobic equipment to achieve the minimum intensity required for HIIT. Overall, the rowing machine is the best machine you must have if you want to focus on HIIT training at home. You will never go wrong with this equipment, and you will surely enjoy using it.

Exercise Airbike

Another compact and easy-to-use equipment best for HIIT is the assault Airbike. This exercise bike is different from the spin bike. Unlike the traditional spin bikes that create resistance through a braking system, airbikes acquire resistance through a giant fan on the front wheels.

As a result, the harder you hit the pedals, the more effort you need to exert the greater the resistance from the air becomes. Once you exert too much effort on pedaling onto the airbike, your heart rate will spike, and your body will start burning fats and building muscles.

Air Bikes have become a significant piece of equipment for CrossFit athletes because of their intensity and sturdiness. But, regardless of how intense an airbike is, it is still better than the first two pieces of equipment, which are the treadmill and rowing machine, when it comes to simplicity and ease of use.

In addition, many people love using airbikes for their HIIT training because it is low-impact equipment. It means that it doesn’t cause any pressure on your joints and is best for beginners.

HIIT Trainer

As the name suggests, a HIIT trainer is equipment designed for HIIT exercises. HIIT trainer is another low-impact machine that is effective in losing weight without hurting yourself or your joints. It is easy to use, but this equipment’s intensity shouldn’t be underestimated.

If you are looking to use an elliptical machine or a stepper, you should opt for a HIIT trainer, as you can get two for one. Using a HIIT trainer can indeed provide you with quick results, and you will notice the fruit of your labor in no time.

Workout Battle Rope

This workout equipment may look or sound so simple, but the intensity it can provide is something that you shouldn’t take for granted. Many believe, especially beginners, that a battle rope won’t do anything in their fitness routine. But in fact, it is one of the highly effective equipment for HIIT.

A workout battle rope focuses more on sculpting your arms, making them look firmer. It is loaded with weight that is needed for an effective HIIT exercise. Having a workout battle rope is vital for a complete body HIIT routine. Plus, you don’t need much space for its storage.

Start Your HIIT Routine Now!

Start your HIIT routine by using one of the five mentioned effective gym equipment and achieve your fitness goal in no time. Choose the one that fits your needs and your capability. Start with the easiest equipment and slowly make your way up to the most challenging one.