Top 5 New Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is very common, but there are many treatments. This guide lists the top 5 new treatments for erectile dysfunction.


You don’t have to be embarrassed when it comes to finding new treatments for erectile dysfunction. 

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain or produce an erection that is suitable for sexual intercourse. This development can signal an underlying health condition, but how common is ED? What can you do to treat it?

Over time, annual expenditure pertaining to erectile dysfunction has seen a steady uptick. In 2020, $330 million went towards research regarding ED solutions in comparison to $185 million in 1994. More research provides a wide range of results and endless possibilities. 

Thanks to these developments there are new exciting treatments for erectile dysfunction and even more on the way. If you’re suffering from or seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction, stick around. 

Here are five new treatments for erectile dysfunction. 

1.  Uprima

Only available in Europe, Uprima is a tablet that dissolves underneath the tongue. This “pill” stimulates the brain’s chemical dopamine and provides a heightened level of sexual interest and sensation.

Testing is still undergoing new treatments for erectile dysfunction like Uprima. A major concern is the number of side effects. Both nausea and vomiting have been evident with individuals. Even a few subjects have experienced passing out after taking the tablets.

Different types of ingestion for Uprima is testing daily. The most popular option is a nasal spray which could lead to less nausea after consumption. 

Once production is dialed in, expect Uprima to pop up more and more in the United States. It’s one of the best new treatments for erectile dysfunction. 

2. RejuvaPulse

An exclusive therapeutic offer from the Boston Medical Group is RejuvaPulse.

This therapy option works to reverse symptoms through a non-invasive series of pulsed sound waves delivered to the penile tissue. These sound waves trigger an individual’s natural healing and regenerative properties to increase blood flow and develop healthy new blood vessels.

The result is a stronger and firmer erectile performance.

Following a six to twelve treatment step, the RejuvaPulse treatment takes about 20 minutes. With over 40 clinical studies, 80 percent of men found success testing this type of treatment for erectile dysfunction. 

3. PT-141

It might seem like a code name, but PT-141 is one of the newest ways of treating erectile dysfunction. 

PT-141 is code for Bremelanotide, a peptide developed at first for a sunless tanning agent. We now know that peptides stimulate hormones that correlate to sexual arousal. 

This process enhances libido levels and influences erections, but it’s not like Viagra or Cialis. PT-141 doesn’t target the vascular system and instead focuses on the nervous system. This activation of specific neurons in the hypothalamus results in a direct effect on sexual desire. 

Bremelatonide is injected or administered by a subcutaneous autoinjector. After injection, the effects can last from six to 72 hours. 

4. Topical Agents

There are plenty of topical agents options providing treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Topical agents are a good solution for erectile dysfunction if an individual wants to avoid oral inhibitors or more invasive treatment. Topical sildenafil is currently the leader in the clubhouse for topical ED treatment. 

There have been developments throughout phase I of research showing sildenafil provides good penetration without side effects. Without much research in phase II, more investigation and testing have to happen.

There are a few options available for distribution including compounding pharmacies and online outlets. Without further testing, there is some risk of tissue penetration and efficacy.  

5. Stem Cell Therapy

The promise of further down the road treatments is also encouraging. Stem cell therapy occurs through the injection of stem cells into an individual’s penis. 

This is a future treatment and has shown promising results with both animals and phase I human studies. This could result in long-term and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. 

There have been some hiccups regarding long-term effectiveness. Stem cell therapy remains an investigational therapy option. There’s plenty of research to be done before releasing this form of treatment on a mass scale. 

New Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

These five new treatments for erectile dysfunction are only the tip of the iceberg. 

The concern with ED has been growing for years. Because of the lack of information behind the treatment, there needs to be additional studies regarding what else ED is linked to. 

Some important developments show there is mounting evidence between cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction. 

In fact, research has shown that there is an increased risk of all-case mortality. Examining ED through the development of cross-sectional population studies leads to this conclusion. Some issues arise with this type of information due to the increased risk of reliability or cause and effect.

Regardless, treatment for erectile dysfunction is only receiving more light as the years pass. With most medical concerns, doctors and experimentalists are looking for the answer. 

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