Top Products You Should Have in Your Skincare Routine


Skincare is a very important part of feeling great and looking your best. Unfortunately, many men aren’t exactly the best at developing or sticking to a good skincare routine. Many men simply have a routine that consists of splashing their face with water and maybe a bit of soap. This simply isn’t going to cut it and you won’t look as good as you could.

Thankfully, the internet is a wonderful place to learn about skincare and there are helpful resources for men like The Trending Man that can show you how an effective skincare routine for men is incredibly simple. Here are a few skincare products you should aim to have in your routine.

A Good Facial Cleanser

The first step in any good skincare routine and a product you must have is a cleanser. This product will help you to wash away the dirt, oil and other debris from your face to leave it clean and clear. If you try to use other products on your dirty face, they won’t be nearly as effective.

These are generally very easy to use. Simply wet your face, put a small amount on your hands, and then work the product all over your face. Next, rinse it off and pat-dry your face with a clean towel. Your face should feel rejuvenated, and look a little refreshed, too.

An Exfoliator

Next, another important product to use is an exfoliator. The act of exfoliating is all about removing dead skin cells from the face. Leaving your skin full of these dead cells can clog the pores of your face and make you more prone to breaking out. This process ensures your new healthy skin cells can live and come to the surface, improving the overall appearance of your skin.

While exfoliation can be done with a chemical or a rough tool, many people will elect to go with a gentle exfoliating scrub to get rid of this dead skin, so it is not too hard on your skin. Because this can be a little intense, it is best to only exfoliate about twice a week.

Face Moisturizer

Moisturizing your face is another important part of any healthy skincare routine. The idea of using a moisturizer is all about hydrating and protecting your skin. Throughout the day, our skin can get very dry and this can both look and feel bad. As a result, you should moisturize at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening before bed.

This will ensure your skin is hydrated and getting the nutrients it needs, as many moisturizers also contain ingredients that nourish the skin. There are thousands of different kinds of moisturizers, so be sure to take time to try a few and see which one you like the best. Often, the moisturizer you use during the day will be different from the one you apply at night.

Some SPF Protection


While it can be relaxing to lay out in the sun all day, the UV rays can actually do a lot of damage to our skin. As a result, always protect your skin when you go outside with some sunscreen. In addition to traditional sunscreen, many lotions and other products may already have SPF protection.

Also, while you may think to only protect yourself when it is very sunny, that isn’t the case. You can still get damage from UV rays when it is cloudy, so always plan ahead and protect the skin on your face, shoulders and any other areas that will be uncovered.

Getting Your Skincare Routine Under Control

While things like toners, eye creams, and serums are great, “ActivatedYou Essential Skin” is certainly a good product to go with. It’s full of nutrients that encourage healthy collagen production for firmer, plumper-looking skin. Having this product in your daily arsenal will leave you feeling great, and looking younger, and will keep your skin safe at the same time.