Top Tips to Improve Your WiFi Speed

When your WiFi is slow it can be extremely frustrating. Waiting for webpages, games, and videos to load is not only inconvenient but it can ruin your productivity. These days, more people are working and studying from home, while others use the internet to connect with family and friends.

Slow WiFi doesn’t have to be something you accept, as there are a few basic ways to improve the speed. Before making a service call, you can try these top tips to improve your WiFi:

Consider the Positioning of Your Router

Where you put your router can make a difference to WiFi speed. Find a place that is free from obstacles, and not too far from where you work, study, or play online. Plants, thick concrete or brick walls, and pipes can all act as a signal barrier.

If you have multiple devices, somewhere near the center of your home in a higher position is ideal. Radio waves can affect your WiFi signal, so the kitchen is one room that should be avoided for your router placement. You can also experiment with the positioning of the router antennas as moving them could boost your signal.

Turn off Any Devices Not in Use

Having multiple devices connected to your WiFi could be slowing it down. Turn off any devices that you aren’t using, and close unnecessary apps on your phone, tablet, or computer.

You should also tighten your security, and ensure your network is password protected. This is to prevent anyone outside of your home from using your internet and draining your WiFi.

It Could Be Time for an Update

A simple reboot could be enough to give your WiFi a fresh start. Turn off the router and any connected devices. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to update the drivers. Updating your router will increase security, and may even speed things up.

You can do this by entering the router’s IP address (usually found on a sticker underneath) into your browser. A login and password may be required, and if you are unable to gain access you should speak to the product manufacturer.

If your hardware is aging, it may be time to go shopping for a new one.

Buy a Network Extender

Do you have rooms with faster WiFi than others? A network extender and/or a WiFi booster are other options that can increase WiFi coverage inside your home. Purchasing one will generally be cheaper than buying a new router, and it may help you to reach those areas flagged with “poor connection.” These products attach to your existing hardware, effectively giving you a more powerful signal.

Before spending any money, you should make sure it isn’t your internet causing the problem. Check with your ISP to ensure your speeds are as high as they should be.

The Final Wrap Up

If you came here asking why is my WiFi slow?… you are not alone. Slow WiFi is a common concern but something that can be rectified. Calling a technician could cost you both time and money, but this could be avoided by trying the above tips.

Simple strategies such as relocating your router and antenna, updating drivers, monitoring your security, and checking your connected devices are all simple ways to boost your WiFi speed.