Types of Sliding Doors

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Sliding doors have always been used for a lengthy time, which is why sliding door repair in Coral Gables is a very critical service that most homeowners look for. Archeological evidence demonstrates sliding doors were initially used in Rome, Italy. The earliest automatic sliding doors were designed by Lew Hewitt and Dee Horton in 1954. They were motivated to create sliding doors due to problems with swing doors in high winds in Texas.

Sliding doors are majorly used in residential houses as they are easy to use, energy effective, spacious, available, and secure. These doors are good for condos or kitchens since they do not occupy a lot of space. Glass sliding doors enable sunlight to penetrate the room hence being energy efficient. They include: 

Pocket Doors

These are sliding doors with a single panel devoid of hinges. The pocket door panel vanishes into a hollow opening in the wall. The door panel is fitted on rollers that slide alongside an above track. This type of sliding door is common for small spaces where there is not sufficient room for a common swinging door.

Patio Doors

Another type is the patio door which we commonly picture as what a sliding door looks like. It contains two panels where one stays in place and the other one slides over to one side. This door is also known as a French door. They create a large entry way when both panels are opened.

Bypass Doors

Bypass doors are another type which have two end-to-end and fixed panels. Therefore, they have tracks both overhead and beneath the door. This type of sliding door moves in one direction when opened. Bypass doors are mostly used for closets or wardrobes.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are another type and have numerous benefits making them the best choice for an interior door. Firstly, they generate a focal point and can give your room a modern look depending on the type of door you choose to install. They also are appealing to the eye whether they are in the open position or closed. Sliding barn doors also have is the ability to save space by not having to swing open.

Folding Doors

The last type is the folding doors, which makes a great addition to bedroom’s or living rooms that want to open up to present a true indoor/outdoor living experience. When closed, a folding door looks exactly like windows giving them a good-looking look that enables more unhindered views than many other types. One can select the number of panels they would like for your folding doors, helping you better circulation of air in to your home.  For order sliding door repair Fort Lauderdale, just get in touch with your trusted contractor.