Men’s Style Rules For Wearing Socks The Right Way

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Socks are one of the most critical components of a man’s wardrobe. On one end, they are extremely practical as they prevent blisters, odor, and other troublesome side-effects that result from wearing shoes without socks. On the other end, just a pair of socks can complete or destroy the whole look of a man’s attire.

A good pair of socks can make a statement if you’re on a budget and cannot afford to revamp the whole outfit to exhibit your style. This article describes the different types of socks at your disposal and specific basic guidelines on how you can make the most out of that pair of socks!

Types of socks

Socks are divided into some basic primary categories. It is essential to learn about these basics to prevent dressing faux pas. Contrary to what many people think that socks don’t matter, they do. Just like any other piece of clothing, For instance, if you’re dedicatedly to sports like soccer or football, you must carefully choose the best men & women soccer socks that enhance performance on the field, by providing added strength, support and cushioning to the calf muscles.

So, before you plan out your socks, here are the different types you need to be aware of:

  • Dress socksThese are the socks that you wear in a formal setting. The men who go to the office and wear suits are the primary users of dress socks. The two main style rules for wearing dress socks are: They should prevent any skin from showing when you are seated, and; They should be planned and match with the rest of your outfit.
  • No-show socks – As these socks are meant to be hidden, their purpose is more practical than fashionable. These socks provide the softness and comfort of the regular socks, but without any visibility, and the lack of fashion statement is the statement they make. They’re especially useful for shoes such as loafers, that won’t go well with the look of socks at all.
  • Fashion socks – Fashion socks are commonly mistaken for dress socks, but they are not the same thing. Fashion socks come in between completely casual and truly formal. These types of socks are ideal for making bold statements and add a fun factor to the dressing. However, you should avoid wearing them for occasions that are too formal because they might be too distracting for the overall look.
  • Compression socks – Compression socks are designed to alleviate discomfort in your body when they apply pressure to your legs. This way, they facilitate healthy blood flow. Compression socks are right for you if your feet feel achy and tired, most of your time is spent standing or seated, and there are swelling or varicose veins in your lower body. You can wear them when the need arises. Men’s compression socks also come in all styles and colors and can be easily adjusted to all types of dressing. They are quite versatile and can be worn on multiple occasions, such as during long flights on business trips, for casual wear in your free time, during sports activities such as running and also in times of recovery.

Rules for matching socks

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Colors and patterns are essential and sound knowledge about them is imperative for correctly matching socks. There are certain rules that come with wearing socks, such as pairing them with the right outfits and what shoes you’re supposed to wear them with for the right look. Here are some rules on how to get the perfect match.

Matching the pair

The golden rule is that the pair of socks should be identical – in color, style, and condition. What’s worse than two different socks as a person is wearing one matching sock in pristine condition and the other matching sock that’s old and worn out? It gives off an impression that you’re careless and untidy and no outfit needs to give that vibe.

Matching with shoes

The rule of matching your socks with your shoes is that they should not be of the same color. Shoes and socks can be light or dark, but there should be a clear distinction where the socks end and the shoes start. The socks should ideally be matched with other components of your outfit. Instead, you should choose socks that match your pants, rather than your shoes.

Matching with outfit

Matching socks with the outfit is essential when wearing formals. The socks should be an exact match for the dress pants. However, in the case of informal attire, it is advisable to avoid the socks clashing with the outfit. Matching is not as important in a casual outfit as it is to wear socks that aren’t extremely different than the rest of the outfit. You can complement your socks with any other accessories you’re adding to your outfit, thereby helping you complete the overall look.

Avoid wearing socks with shorts & sandals and when going to sleep

One of the biggest faux passes in fashion is to wear socks with shorts – it should be avoided at all costs. It does not mean that no one can pull off socks with shorts, but that is a rare occurrence; so it’s better not to take such a risk.

You might have seen hipsters wearing socks with sandals recently, but this is a rule that is better left unbroken. Socks and sandals present a very unpleasant aesthetic combination that should be avoided at all costs.

This sure is an unpopular rule that is more often broken than kept, but if you’re going to break it, at least make sure that the socks you wear are a fresh pair so that you do not take the day’s grime straight into the sheets.

Final Thoughts

There was a time when choosing our socks rested solely on the shoulders of our parents or our school board. With the advent of adulthood, though, we have to take this responsibility on ourselves.

This seemingly small part of your wardrobe can have a significant impact. This is why some unwritten style rules need to be followed to avoid making a fashion faux pas. By following the style rules mentioned in this article, you can prevent some embarrassing fashion blunders.