Ukrainian Fashion Bloggers You Need to Follow

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Ukrainian bloggers are tremendously influential and popular in the fashion industry through social media marketing channels. Due to their overall online presence, they are able to reach a large audience of people to promote certain brands. Brands welcome any type of publicity, but know that the reach of these bloggers is beneficial to them.

You probably will not believe it, but there are quite a few single fashion bloggers on this Ukraine ladies’ dating site.

What kind of blogs do they have?

Ukrainian girls praise fashion icons and promote their lines on social media. They have figured out how to showcase unique styles and help others feel more confident in their fashion choices. National fashion blogging is booming, inspired by the constant evolution in fashion trends. This has helped highlight talented individuals with an outstanding fashion flair. Let’s learn more about them:

  1. @sofia_stuzhuk

Followers: 5.7M

Sofia’s blog is dedicated to fashion and lifestyle with significant pieces of her own life delivered. Beside that, she manages two online stores: one sells sportswear and the other one is a skin care products reseller. Stuzhuk has been a single mother of three since her husband, a famous lifestyle blogger Dmitry Stuzhuk, died in the first wave of Covid-19.

  • @tanyaparfileva

Followers: 1.8M

Tanya Parfilyeva is one of the few Ukrainian fashion bloggers running her garment showrooms. She is practically a niche businesswoman, a buyer with exquisite taste. Tanya knows everything about brands and how to combine clothes and accessories.

  • @alina_baikova

Followers: 1.7M

Alina Baikova lives in New York but her career began after she was spotted by a modeling agency scout in her hometown of Kropyvnytskyi. In recent years, she has been balancing the modeling business with blogging. Together with her ex-boyfriend, she has founded a flower agency that serves many famous events in Europe.

  • @alina_frendiy

Followers: 1.1M

A fashion and lifestyle blogger from Ternopil,  Alina reckons blogging as a “24/7 passion hobby.” She is the founder of the COOSH showroom and TOTE clothing brand. The woman writes about style, beauty products, and self-care practices with superior theme images.  

  • @nataliiagotsii

Followers: 0.3M

Natalia Gotsiy is a recognized Ukrainian fashion model, a winner of the prestigious Ford Supermodel of the World contest. On her Instagram, the model claims her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and encourages subscribers to follow her example. Natalia travels a lot and keeps on sharing fashion stories with the audience.

How could their blogs help?

Apart from the style promotion, beautiful Ukrainian women strive to build a solid family foundation. Most bloggers are happily married and their best pieces of advice in this matter are also valuable. If you are looking to date or marry a Ukranian woman, here are some tips:

  • Kindness

She has always been like that, since childhood, when she was taught to respect and help any human being. Her kindness is given authentically and naturally, and your recognition will make her shine.

  • Determination

You have found your dream woman and are going to make the next big step in your relationship. Stay assured she is determined to marry you no matter what, anywhere, and under any condition, if you want it. So, before you propose, it is vital to grasp your inward intention to be real. If your willingness is true – there is nothing she cannot resolve to make you happy.

  • Intelligence

She is smart, her dedication to pursuing a university degree and building a successful career is admirable. Keep in mind, her intelligence could have voluminous forms of energy, all of which are valuable. Your Ukrainian girlfriend may be highly intellectual, particularly creative, logical, and a great problem solver. Her, not you, to be running the show from time to time.

  • Caring

Are you looking for somebody resembling not just your mother’s eyes but her warmth and support? Someone to make a great mother for your kids, a passionate lover, and a devoted wife? If you want to have all in one, you will not find yourself more satisfied than marrying a Ukrainian lady. Besides those, she successfully embodies a manager, economist, psychologist, teacher, and many more roles.

When seeing a beautiful Ukrainian girl on Instagram with a smiling glossy face you might think she is taken. That is not always true.


Like any of her peers, a Ukrainian girl wants to be recognized for her good looks, style as well as her family and relationship values.

Their commitment to contributing to a more fulfilled future for their followers is remarkable.