Understanding OG 107 Clothing

If you’ve ever wondered what OG 107 clothing is, you’re not alone. This type of clothing is a popular style among men and women of all ages, but it can be difficult to understand the nuances of this style. We’ll break down the basics so that you can have a better understanding of OG 107 clothing and how it can work for you.

What Is OG 107?

OG 107 is a term used to refer to military-style clothing. This type of clothing was originally designed for U.S. servicemen during World War II, making it over 70 years old! It includes items like fatigue pants, chino pants, button-down shirts, hoodies, and jackets with military-style details like drawstrings and pockets.

The fabrics are usually lightweight and breathable for easy layering or wearing in hot weather. The colors typically seen in OG 107 clothes are olive green, navy blue, khaki brown, grey, and black—colors associated with the Armed Forces.

Why Wear OG 107?

OG 107

For some people wearing OG 107 may simply be a fashion choice; however, many people choose this look because they appreciate its utilitarian nature and simple design. The classic styling looks great on everyone regardless of age or gender—it’s flattering yet comfortable at the same time! And because it’s designed with function in mind—i.e., pockets and drawstrings—it also serves well as an everyday wardrobe staple. For example, the fatigue pants make great casual wear due to their comfortability while still looking stylish enough to wear out on the town!

How To Style OG 107 Clothing?

When styling your OG 107 outfit there are endless possibilities! You can create a classic military look by pairing fatigues or chinos with a button-down shirt layered under an olive green jacket or hoodie for added warmth when needed.

Alternatively you can dress up your look by swapping out your fatigues for slim fit chinos paired with a collared shirt and leather jacket for an effortlessly cool look that still pays homage to military style! Finally add some accessories such as a beanie cap or canvas belt to complete your outfit and give it extra flair!


OG107 clothing has been around since World War II but still remains popular today due to its timeless style that looks good on everyone no matter their age or gender. Its utilitarian design makes it perfect for everyday use while its simple lines make it easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion! So if you’re looking for something stylish yet versatile then why not give OG107 clothing a try? With just a few pieces you’ll have an effortlessly cool look that will never go out of style!