Unicycle Football? Unicycle Football!

Normally when you see someone riding a unicycle, he’s juggling, or doing magic, or simply letting his gross ponytail flap around in the wind behind them. And as a result, you avert our eyes and cross the street if necessary — anything to prevent having any interaction with him.

The guys in this video, however, are different. Yes, they’re all excellent unicyclers, which means they’ve spent great deals of time learning how to ride a unicycle, which means they at the very least have extraordinarily poor judgment, and quite likely have borderline personality disorders. But they’re playing football. On unicycles. And to be perfectly honest, it’s pretty awesome. We were as surprised as you.

The Unicycle Football League is based in San Marcos, Texas, and comprised of nine teams with names like Hell on Wheel, Unicychos (sound it out), Rolling Blackouts, and Unibrawdz. Yes, that’s right, there’s an all-female team of unicyclers. We’ll bet they’re all crazy in that way that is totally amazing when you first start dating a woman, then plunges you into a soul-melting emotional nightmare after about three months.

You can learn more about unicycle football at the oddly named UnicycleFootball.com.