How To Piss People Off On 9/11


Do you like to golf? Then you should definitely head to Tumbledown Trails golf course in lovely Verona, Wisconsin today. Why? Because they’re having a sweet deal on a round of golf in honor of the September 11 terrorist attacks!

For the past two years, the proud patriots and marketing gurus who run the course have had a special where people can golf 18 holes on September 11 for the low, low price of $19.11. This year, however, the wrong interneter saw their ad, posted it, and shit hit the fan.

Owners issued an apology and offered to donate a portion of the money they make today to the 9/11 memorial, but it was too late. Death threats were made, and awful publicity was had. Arguably even more shocking than the fact that the owners of the course tried to use 9/11 as a marketing tool is that dopey 9/11-related stunts, money grabs, and promotions have been tried many, many times before. Sometimes the anger was warranted — stick to acting, Marky Mark — other times, not to much.