Vibrators Work On Throats Too

Smart singers take good care of their throats and vocal chords. So they rest their voices when they can, and they drink stuff like hot tea with lemon and honey. Well, it turns out that’s amateur shit. If they knew what a Canadian vocal coach apparently knows, they’d toss the tea and instead apply sex toys to their throats.

Canadian vocal coach David Ley uses the unorthodox method on his students (video below). He says that when he, uh, rubs the throats of students with vibrators that vibrate in a frequency between 100 and 120 hertz — the range of the human voice — it improves their vocal range. So far, he says his sexy method has helped 150 students, and that the side effects are minimal. Most people experience none, while a few find that they had an excess of phlegm. Or as we like to call it, throat spooge. (We don’t really like to call it that.)