Video: A Man So Quick, He’s Impossible To Punch

As Terry Silver wisely told Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid, Part III: “If a man can’t see, he can’t fight.” While we’d never contradict a Cobra Kai — those thugs routinely destroy bicycles and ruin beach parties — we’d like to add something: A man can’t fight what he can’t hit.

Case and point: This video where Trav, a New Jersey-based badass with a shockingly good sense of humor considering he’s a fight-expert based in New Jersey, asks strangers to strap on a pair of boxing gloves and attempt to go all Mike Tyson on his ass. Well, on his face, specifically. The deal is that he uses only use his bob, weave, dodge, and slip skills to evade their punches. Also, he doesn’t counterattack; if he did, this would have been an extremely short video.

According to his website, Trav teaches self defense at a small dojo near the Jersey Shore, which is why he’s so confident he’ll walk away unscathed. And while some guys come close to connecting with a jab or hook, they all gas out and inevitably fail.

Sadly, not one crane kick was performed. Mr. Miyagi and Danielson would be disappointed.