Booze-Infused Toothpicks? Sure, Why Not

Booze Toothpicks daneson single malt

We’re always telling you that women notice the details. We seldom tell you, however, that you should openly remove food from your teeth with a toothpick after you cook a woman dinner. But if you absolutely need to use a toothpick — or if you think you can pull off the Bradley-Cooper-at-Wimbledon look — these booze-infused Single Malt Nº16 ($10 @ toothpicks are the way to go.

Each stick is soaked in barrel-aged Islay single malt scotch and then kiln-dried to bake in the flavor. That said, the scotch taste is subtle, so don’t expect to get buzzed if you use one (unless you’re a total lightweight).

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Each box comes with 23 pocket-sized containers, and each of those contains about 12 toothpicks. The manufacturers claim they typically throw in more than a dozen for good measure, which is nice of them, considering you just spent $36 on toothpicks.