A Mashup Of Movie Trailers From 2013

This past year was a good one for movies. You might not think so quality-wise, but in terms of numbers, box office gross and ticket sales surpassed those of 2012 back in August. Some of the biggest films were The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($336 million and counting), Gravity ($251 million), World War Z ($202 million), and Star Trek Into Darkness ($228 million.

Plus, The Hobbit sequel, The Wolf of Wall Street, and some others that we probably won’t see but will make a ton of money are set to debut later this month. Point is, a shitload of movies were released this year, and if you want to remember them all — even the super crappy ones like After Earth and R.I.P.D.— pop a squat for the next seven minutes and watch this 2013 movie trailer mashup that someone with too much time on their hands made for you to enjoy.