Video: Can Stress
Kill You?

Stress is unavoidable. Whether you’re dealing with issues at home, work, or in your alter-ego lifestyle as a superhero who dresses like a homeless guy who is pretending to be a wheelchair-bound politician during his day job, the pressure to perform at an optimum level can be a tough burden to bear. But can those stresses kill you? According to this video from AsapSCEINCE, yep, it can.

Being wired all day every day pumps your body full of cortisol. That happens enough and your arteries clog. Then fantastic things like a weakened immune system and brain cells shrinkage occur. (The video also says prolonged stress has connection to cancer, proving once again that everything on the planet basically causes cancer.)

So what do you do? Figure out how to manage your stress, duh. Simple stuff like this should help …

Hangout with your buddies
A new study found that hanging out with friends two days per week makes guys happier.

Learn to say “No”
If you’re taking on too much, learn to decline requests. If it’s with your boss, show him what’s on your plate and explain why something else won’t work. If it’s your wife or girlfriend, choose your words carefully. If you say “No!” like a dick, she’s not going to happy. Read: More stress.

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Take a walk
A 20-minute walk — especially where there’s greenery — has been shown to reduce stress.

Get more, better sleep
Cut off the electronics an hour before you hit the sack, and avoid caffeine later in the afternoon it if keeps you up. Aim for seven to nine hours per night.

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