Video: How To Drink At Work (Without
Getting Fired)

vodka story mmMedea is a Dutch wheat-based vodka that’s distilled 16 times. And while those things add up to a perfectly respectable $40 bottle of booze, they aren’t what set Medea apart from other vodkas. Nope, the truly unique thing about Medea is the fact that you can write messages on the programmable LED crawl on its bottle.

Now, that immediately raised a lot of questions for us: Is it just a silly gimmick? Is it a cool opportunity to write insulting/funny/dirty messages to whoever you’re drinking with? Does it have an enraging autocorrect function? We here at ModernMan are nothing if not crusading journalists, and we wanted to find out the truth. So we put the bottle — and, uh, the vodka in the bottle — through a series of grueling tests.

Oh, and we also filmed it so we’d remember. Enjoy!