Video: Motorcycle Creams Two Bicyclists

The mountains and canyons surrounding Los Angeles boast some of the best driving roads in the country. And pretty much every weekend, those roads are well-used by cars, motorcyclists, and bicyclists, all going different speeds, and all being driven and ridden by people with differing abilities. Unfortunately, some people ride and drive at speeds that exceed their abilities. And so, crashes happen. Predictably, bicyclists always lose.

Which is what happened when this motorcyclist plowed into a couple of bicyclists on Mulholland Highway outside L.A. The motorcyclist, to be fair, wasn’t going too fast; instead, he simply had a brain freeze at the wrong time, got up when he should have kept leaning in, and … well, you’ll see.

Amazingly, it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt too badly. Though we do not envy how sore at least one of the bicyclists must have been the next day.

(via Autoblog)