Video: Super Mario Bros. Parkour

Oh, you saw an awesome video of two guys parkouring in a nightmarishly bland suburban and/or European hellscape and you want us to watch it? We’ve seen that sort of thing a billion times before, idiot. Leave us alone.

Wait. It’s that, except the parkouring guys are dressed as Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros.? And someone post-productioned in a bunch of mushrooms and turtles and whatnot into the video? Well, why didn’t you say so! Yes, the above video follows the adventures of a couple of freerunning dudes dressed like the Super Mario Bros. They collect coins, battle Buzzy Beetles, and hurl fireballs at goombas as they flip, twist, and twirl off of walls and structures and whatnot. There’s even a decent cover of the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

Our only beef: Mario needs to get a hat that fits. Watching his repeatedly fly off is at first distracting, and eventually oddly enraging.