Video: We Test (Melted) Klondike Ice Cream Bars

Some kind folks repping Klondike sent me an email asking if they could ship Modern Man samples of Klondike’s new creation: Kandy Bars. They’re essentially a candy bar-Klondike bar hybrid, which to me sounded like a wonderful cavity-inviting treat. So I of course said, “GIMME NOW!”

They went ahead and shipped the ice cream bars to our office. They arrived frozen and … I got walloped with a nasty sinus infection. Since people bitched and moaned the last time I came to work with a raging case of SARS, I stayed home at watched reruns of Lost.

But the box was ignored because it had my name on it.  Also ignored was the bold red letters that spelled out “Keep Frozen.”


Still, true to my word, I taste tested them. Even at room temperature the Cookies & Cream flavor wasn’t awful. In fact, I can still taste it.

Klondike Kandy Bar Review