Ways To Improve Sexual Performance & Stamina

A man’s sexual prowess in the bedroom is something he holds very near and dear to his heart.

For good reason, too. Not only does a man want to ensure his own satisfaction, but the satisfaction of his partner. Sex is, after all, a team sport at the end of the day. Without the proper attention & care given to his own physical ability as well as his mental control over his basest of urges, all you have is a monkey pumping away into the night. If you happen to be a man who’s looking to improve his performance in the bedroom, you’re in the right place.

Let’s get down to business:

Take Care Of Yourself Physically


Just about every system within the human body works much better when you make sure to exercise properly and have a healthy diet. Your sexual organs aren’t exempt from this in any way. Going on regular runs to improve your cardio ability helps you not only be able to go the distance, but it also helps ensure that all of your blood vessels are working properly to keep you erect & ready to go. A more targeted form of exercise that relates directly to sex would be kegels. Kegels are the same muscles you engage to cut off a stream of urine in the middle of the act. By doing 3 sets of 10 contractions that last about 10-15 seconds each day, you’re doing yourself a huge favor in being able to control what’s going on down below.

Practice Makes Perfect


If you want to perform best with your partner, a great way to get started is by lengthening how long it takes you to reach orgasm when you’re all alone. You can very effectively train your body to learn how long a sexual encounter “should” last by prolonging each masturbation session until your body gets the message. A powerful male masturbator known as the Fleshlight STU (reviewed here) was actually created for this express purpose. It replicates the kind of sensations typical of sex and also disperses the sensation throughout your penis, unlike the targeted stimulation you get from your hand. What’s important is that you take time by yourself to properly understand your body’s intricacies both physically and mentally. Understand what kind of physical sensations bring you closer to the edge as well as how you can control them using mental power.

Take Time To Reduce Stress


It can be easy to conceptualize stress as a strictly mental phenomenon, but it actually has a huge effect on the body. Stress releases a hormone known as cortisol which has a plethora of negative effects, chief among them raising your heart rate and blood pressure. If you aren’t managing your stress properly, you simply won’t be able to perform the way you’d like. Performance anxiety factors into this as well, if you’re too worried about maintaining your erection you might not be able to get one at all or your body might compensate by finishing early. Find the source of your stress and do everything in your power to remove it from your mental state. Push out worries of work, school, or whatever else you have going on. It can also be beneficial to talk through your anxieties with your partner beforehand, sometimes bringing your anxieties into the real world is exactly what you need to slay them for good.

Don’t Forget To Focus On Your Partner


Far too often men get caught up in the penetrative/erection-dependent parts of sex and don’t take the time to properly appreciate a varied sexual encounter. Using your fingers as well as your tongue to help build tension at the beginning of sex not only makes the entire session longer but it helps create a push-pull dynamic between the two of you. When you take your mind off of your own body and put it onto theirs, an erection is the least of your concerns. It’s also a genius-level move to throw in a bit of oral while swapping positions to give yourself some time to cool down, go for as long as you need to return to a point where orgasm is far on the horizon.

In Conclusion

When properly exploited these four attributes can add a lot to your overall time in the sack as well as how pleasurable that time was. If not, you can always try Kamagra. It’s extremely important to take time to communicate with your own body so you can learn from it. Everybody is different, how much you’ll need to borrow from each point will matter on the individual. So long as you consistently work towards a mastery of your physical & mental self, there’s no telling what you’ll be capable of. Bare minimum, there will be no telling what your partner will be sharing over wine with friends after you show her what you can do.