7 Fun Ways How to Build Up Sexual Stamina for Men


Sexual endurance stands out as an important factor that men seek to improve in their lives. The ability to last longer is both a source of accomplishment and stress for a lot of men. It affects self-esteem and can cause problems in relationships.

The good news is that you can build up and improve your sexual prowess. Today, we will look at these ways on how to build up sexual stamina. If you’re worried about your virility or want to improve your sexual health, then read on.

These steps include a mix of exercises and footnotes to remember before and during the tryst. Follow them and keep a game plan to guarantee satisfaction for you and your partner.

1. Take Advantage of Foreplay

When learning how to build up sexual stamina, a common desire is not wanting sex to end too early. Men can last as long as five minutes, while women tend to take about twenty minutes or so to reach orgasm. With the odds already stacked against you, you need to make the most out of foreplay.

With that in mind, do not rush, and have fun together through foreplay. Take your time and relish the moment. Take it slow by kissing and hugging, cuddling, and setting everything up to the mood.

You can use your mouth and tongue for this. Please and explore with it, along with some playful fingers to roam and explore. Please your partner first.

2. Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles

You can also train and prepare your body when building sexual stamina. A few of these methods will focus on specific portions of your body. First, we turn towards your pelvic muscles.

Consider doing exercises that target your pelvic floor. Kegel exercises do wonders for this matter. You can also do squats and bridge exercises to help you strengthen your control in these areas.

The advantage of doing Kegel exercises is that it can also help with urinary incontinence. Being able to hold it in can be an advantage in lasting longer.

3. Stay Active

In this case, make sure to keep your body active. Build up your endurance through cardiovascular exercises to help provide you with a healthy heart. This starts improving your circulation and your endurance.

Try exercises like swimming, running, and other prolonged exercises. Not only does this increase your heart rate, but it also boosts your libido. Overall, this helps with improving your sexual performance.

Other targets for your workouts can include your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. These help your hips and knees in terms of balance, and they can also help you go faster and longer.

4. The Arms and the Tongue

You will use these a lot during sex, especially during foreplay. The last thing you want is to have tongue cramps and your arms to fail you in the middle of it all.

First, try out some tongue push-ups and pull-ups. For tongue push-ups, push the tip of your tongue towards the front of your hard palate. You can also take this further by crushing hard-shelled candies like M&Ms using the force of your tongue.

As for the arms, doing forearm curls can help with your arm strength. You can use free weights or you can go for a gym membership for some trainer assistance. This is helpful when keeping yourself aloft in a position, or when you have to stimulate her G-Spot.

5. Masturbate to Build Endurance

A way to help you last longer in bed is to masturbate, but your goal here is to not go fast. Rather, you want to make it last as long as you want before you release it. Take your time to slow down and explore.

Go with different moods, and gradually take your strokes. Or you can even use your non-dominant hand. Consider exploring numerous ways and find your pleasure points too.

You can also move and gyrate your hips for more pleasure. The motions can help you increase the pleasure that you feel, which is useful when you go at it with your partner.

Another tip is to watch some pornography and match their pace. This way, you can practice your control and endurance.

6. Use Lubes and Toys

In particular, lubrication can help in increasing the pleasure that both of you experience. Lubricants also help with protecting you from abrasion, which can be painful for both sides due to the friction.

Using lube can help in various circumstances. When your partner experiences stress or hormonal changes, they may be too tense to enjoy sex. Lubrication helps with easing both of you in.

Some lubricants also help lessen the sensation for men, letting them last longer than the average time.

If you’re feeling adventurous, mix this with a few toys. Items such as flavored condoms can aid in letting you last longer. Meanwhile, other toys are better for pushing your partner to climax faster.

You can check out this post for more ideas on the matter. Find fun toys that you can use during your sexy time.

7. Breathe and Pay Attention

Do not let the pressure get to you. Remember to breathe and relax. Sex is pleasurable and enjoyable, something that you can relax to. With that in mind, pay attention to your breathing and pace with your partner.

Take note of your partner’s desires and know what works for her. This also helps you slow down when you are close to climax and you need to dial back. This way, you can time your climax with your partner, going for a simultaneous conclusion that you can both enjoy.

Now You Know How to Build Up Sexual Stamina

Once you know how to build up sexual stamina, you can work on improving your prowess and your relationship. Observe proper diet, rest, and exercise for peak sexual performance.

Also, pay special attention to your partner. Communication contributes to satisfaction in bed.

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