TIL: Tecate Light Isn’t The Worst Beer Ever

Tecate Light is rolling out a new campaign to dip into the light beer market. The commercials are hit and miss, but the takeaway from the ads is that Tecate Light isn’t for uppity assholes; it’s for down-to-earth guys and gals who don’t mind getting shithouse plastered on any given night. So basically, guys like us. We drank a few of them, and it’s on par with other light beers — Bud Light, Modelo Light, Corona Light, etc. That said, it’s not going to pack the punch of a dense or hoppy craft beer, so corral your expectations. Still, it’s not as watery as, say, a Coors or a Bud, either.

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We’re no Jim Cramer — if you saw the holes in our undies, there’d be no doubt to those claims — but with light beer sales hitting a 10-year low in 2014, it looks like Tecate Light is looking to buy low and sell high. After tasting their new formula … we still have no idea whether their plan will succeed or not. (Sorry, were you expecting some sort of revelation?) But we can say that Tecate Light tastes strikingly like the OG Tecate. So if you’re a fan of Tecate, that’s a good thing. If you’re not, you’ll skip Tecate Light all the same.

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And in the spirit of transparency, we got to take a helicopter trip around Manhattan to get the view of the black eagle (Tecate Light’s mascot), courtesy of Tecate’s generous PR team. Here are some pictures that we took with an iPhone before slugging six Tecate Lights. Please feel free to tell us how amazingly awful we are at iPhone photography …

tecate helicopter ride

If you have no idea what that statue is, time for you to leave this country, pinko. Clearly, it’s the Statue of Liberty. And no, we didn’t  to look down her stola, perv.

tecate helicopter ride

Central Park is on the right, which we believe is somewhere near Central Perk, where Ross, Rachel, Chandler and the gang all congregated to get coffee and talk about ridiculous shit.

tecate helicopter ride

This is … Manhattan. Where in Manhattan? Near the water. Duh.