What Are the Advantages Of VIP Concierge Service In Dubai


In today’s world, there are many new things that change life for the better. They allow you not to worry about everyday, organizational issues, to engage in your own development, business, and just enjoy what you’re doing. It helps to make concierge service real.

The main purpose of concierge service is to make a person’s life more comfortable. This is a great opportunity not to waste time in solving various issues, a long search for the right information. And to entrust their decision to real professionals.

All the most important things about how concierge service works and why it is exactly worth using, we will tell you further.

What is concierge service?

Concierge service is a certain service, the essence of which is information support and assistance in obtaining various services. In fact, the client receives a personal assistant, who helps to deal with various everyday tasks.

Often the concierge service is in touch with the user 24/7 and promptly responds to any requests. During the work, the individual wishes of the client are taken into account. Various options are offered for the user’s choice.

An important point is that concierge service adheres to confidentiality rules. That is the personal data of the client remains secure. Therefore, the user can feel safe and confident.

What services can be part of concierge service?

First of all, the concierge service is a search for information on various issues. For example, to find out prices or free dates. But in general, the list of services is very wide. We presented below the most important of them.

1. Organization of events and business meetings. Concierge service will help to coordinate schedules, choose a convenient location for each participant, plan the route and much more.

2. Organization of leisure time. Reservation of tables in a restaurant, tickets to a cinema, theater or a concert of a favorite performer. Everything will be done for the client and he/she can enjoy his/her wonderful time.

3. Medical assistance. Emergency response to any emergency situation. Will help to find the doctor, where you were not. Or find the nearest vet clinic for your pet.

4. Fulfillment of spontaneous desires and whims. Even this is absolutely possible for the concierge service. And any whim will be fulfilled in a short period of time. Even renting a private jet is an absolutely easy task for a concierge service.

This is not the final list of services of concierge service. Basic offers can be extended with additional options, depending on the working conditions of a particular company and the wishes of the client himself.

Who can use the concierge service?

Some time ago, the concierge service could only be used by individual users with a very high income. It was a kind of privilege for a limited circle of people. Now anyone who wants can subscribe to concierge service and take advantage of all its benefits. The client can take advantage of a wide range of services and make his life more pleasant.

Tourist Concierge Service

Concierge service takes care of booking hotels, airline tickets, hotels. Selects a tourist program based on individual preferences.

Comprehensive assistance in the organization of an unforgettable journey also includes registration of all necessary documents: visa, insurance policy. Transfer is necessarily organized. And in case of unforeseen situations, such as lost luggage or flight cancellation, concierge service will also take care of all nuances.

You can trust the manager to prepare a vacation, and you yourself without fuss and nerves to pack and dream of an unforgettable vacation.

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Business concierge service

Some companies provide a special service – business concierge service. What does it give? Helps competently manage funds, make profitable investments in promising projects. Business consultants assist in drawing up a promotion strategy, rent a good office space. Together with the concierge service business can become more productive and efficient. The client receives reliable support in solving serious work issues.


Concierge service is a new level of service, which gives you the opportunity to save yourself from dealing with various issues. Everything is taken care of by a personal manager, who is always in touch. Concierge service covers a wide range of services and what is important is that it is always in touch with the client. Vacation planning, organizing business meetings, leisure activities, medical care, and much more. A person can run a business and just enjoy life.