What Are the Coolest Tech Inventions for Man That Exist Today?

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Man has confirmed being the smartest specie on the planet with constant inventions and innovations. The inventions made by scientists make one want to be in possession of such products right away.

Aside from the fact that many of these inventions are really cool; they are also highly useful for man in performing his daily activities. A common example of such inventions is the electric fire place. You will feel its effect the most when you are using the best electric fireplace which takes out the need to burn actual wood. However, there are several other inventions that are not as popular as the electric fireplace.

Coolest and Most Useful Tech Inventions for Man Today

“Smart” Jacket With Built-In Heater


This jacket produced by Flexwarm has unique, in-built heating elements in specific areas such as the chest, the back and the wrists. The jacket is great for battling cold seasons as man can now carry out all forms of activities without any form of restriction by extreme cold. It can work constantly and using its special sensors, the heat output of the jacket can be adjusted accordingly.

Surface Sterilizer


This is a wand-like device commonly used in the kitchen. Making use of UV rays, this surface sterilizer kills about 99% of harmful microorganisms and bacteria, as long as the surface is a non-porous solid surface. Now you can say for a fact that your kitchen is pure and clean following the use of the sterilizer.

Pilot Wireless Headphone Translators


With these headphones, you can travel all over the world without being bothered by language. Immediately put these small headphones in your ears, you can set it to automatically translate to the language you want to hear based on settings. With this device, you have one less trouble while planning a travel.

Port Solar Charger


This device is a portable compact battery that uses solar energy to charge phones. You get it working by simply attaching it (using its suction cup) to any window in your car, house, or plane.

Aqua Treadmill


The setup of the aqua water treadmill makes it look and feel like a big bathtub with a moving surface for walking or running as its base. It is the exercise machine for those healing from an injury or someone with a condition that makes the limbs weak and unable to exercise. It is said to be their best bet for exercising as it decreases the pressure level put on the body in the course of cardio. This is because the buoyancy of water helps in lifting the weight. The machine assists in weak muscles and also in the burning of excess fat by aerobics. It could also serve as a spa bath, which helps to relax your body, during or after your workout session.

Scanner Determining Food Composition


With this invention, users no longer have to spend a long duration browsing on a particular food to know its composition. The device can accurately tell you a dish’s composition. It does this by scanning the products and then, it sends all the information including the nutritional value and ingredients of the food to an application on the user’s phone. With this invention, you can be double sure that you are eating only safe products and foods.

Final Thoughts

The world has moved beyond complaints about weather, exercising, complaints relating to food and the likes of it. For every challenge that results in a complaint, there is literally a new invention that has been developed to solve it. We have only listed a few of them in this article. There are several other cool inventions out there.