What Could a Folding Phone Upgrade do for You?


With rumors of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Fold 4 announcement in August, folding phones are continuing their expansion into the mobile space. Once viewed with skepticism, the now three generations of these devices have proven themselves to be durable, secure, and capable entries in the smartphone market.

For those unaware of this technology, the term folding phone refers to the ability to open a phone like a book. Using a flexible glass on the bend allows the device to reveal double the screen space of traditional systems. As for whether this could be worth making a change for, the answer lies in how you use your phone, and in what you need it to do. To this end, consider the following scenarios.

Playing Online Casino Games

A popular form of entertainment in contemporary media, online casino games are experiences where folding phones can add to what is already a strong mobile offering. As an example, blackjack games online like Vegas and Buster Blackjack may appear more visually striking on larger screens. In addition, the increased display real estate can also aid in making buttons easier to press for those with dexterity or visual impairments. While these effects on casino titles aren’t completely transformative, they can make a vast difference to the right person.

Watching Videos and Movies

Most of us prefer watching movies at the cinema over television for good reason; the more we can see, the easier we can find it to engage. With this simple reality, the use of folding phones in making videos and movies more engaging on mobile is undeniable. What’s more, we tend to misunderstand how sizes of video screens work.

As an example, when you’re watching television, hold your phone at your usual use distance. Thanks to your mobile being held much closer, the difference in the visual area it takes up relative to your television might not be as great as you think. Combine this concept with headphones and a folding screen, and you could find a surprisingly great new way to watch.

Working on the Move

Despite the potential of mobiles in the workspace, we rarely utilize their potential. Arguably, the most important factor that leads to this situation is that the screens of typical mobiles are too small to allow us the type of efficiency of a PC monitor or laptop screen. With folding phones doubling screen size and offering improved multitasking support, they might make mobile more widespread and reliable work tools.


The real kicker about any of the examples above is that they’re entirely dependent on you and your lifestyle. Some readers might jump at the idea of larger visuals in casino games and movies, while others might have no use for any of the above options. Most of all, we’d encourage not jumping into a premium device like a folding phone without a real need. While the technology has proven durable, it is also expensive, and will likely remain that way. If the benefits seem like something that could work for you, however, it might be time to take this mobile evolution seriously when going for your next upgrade.