What do personal security guards do

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What is a Bodyguard?

A personal security guard, also usually referred to as a bodyguard, looks out for the personal security of individuals such as political figures, famous celebrities, business executives, or other individuals that may be in danger of personal attacks.

Bodyguards go with their clients to public events and escort them on their everyday activities. They research the background of the individuals that will have contact with their client, plan out travel routes, pre-search rooms/buildings/vehicles, look for any potential danger, and conduct security checks.

What does a Bodyguard do?

The work of a bodyguard can be really satisfying, but is not as glamorous as a lot of people may think. Even though at times bodyguards are exposed to amazing lifestyles and may also have the ability to travel greatly (depending on the client), at the end of the day it’s about protecting someone’s life, not having a good time.

Bodyguards work either alone or as part of a security team, and are trained to jump to action and defend their clients in any scenario where there is a threat of harassment or attack. They defend public officials, wealthy people, and celebrities from kidnapping, assassination, harassment, theft, assault, loss of confidential information, threats, and various other criminal offences.

A bodyguard can:

– be a close-protection officer (that accompanies the client).

– be a driver-bodyguard.

– belong to a team that offers IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) detection.

– specialize in protecting the kids of VIP’s from kidnapping and/or assassination.

Bodyguards are trained to react fast in emergency situations and have the ability to make immediate decisions and adjustments on the fly. They remain close to their clients at all times, keep an eye on their surroundings, and keep strangers at a safe distance.

Prior to entering a property or a public meeting place, a bodyguard will thoroughly examine the situation and will know the best way to leave should there be a concern. Bodyguards are in some cases in charge of driving their clients to as well as from functions, and must plan travel routes carefully to be sure that their clients get to and leave locations safely.

This occupation can vary significantly depending on who the client is. Bodyguards protecting clients at high risk will be focusing on checking vehicles for IED devices, bombs, looking for possible shooters, and so on.

By comparison, a bodyguard accompanying a celebrity that is being stalked by photographers and fans will concentrate on keeping a safe distance and block the path of any person becoming too hostile towards their client.

What is the work environment of a Bodyguard like?

Bodyguards might work for state or private organizations, or for private individuals. Clients may include celebrities, public figures, heads of business, or royalty. Bodyguards might work as part of a larger close security team with other professionals, or provide personal services.

If working as part of a 24-hour protection crew, long day, night or weekend shifts may be required. Individuals may need to work indoors and/or outdoors, go to social events when required, and be willing to travel.

Like all security staff, bodyguards take on a huge obligation. When a client hires a bodyguard, they rely on the guard’s professionalism and unique skills. A client wants the comfort in knowing that they are safe. The greatest bodyguards have all-around experience in personal security along with intelligence, instinct and quick-thinking.