According to moneysmart.gov, comprehensive insurance covers damage to your property, as well as the property of any others that are involved in the accident. Coverage does not matter if you are at fault or not, the policy will cover it. The policy covers other aspects of an accident as well. Some are added on, and some are not. It also depends upon your specific insurance provider. Check your policy, or ask your local agent, to specify anything that you do not understand.

It is extremely important to understand exactly what is covered with this type of insurance. You also need to understand what it does not cover.

  1. Any damage that is caused in an accident to another party will be covered, up to a set amount. This even includes damage done to a business, or residence, if you happen to crash into one of them.
  2. This policy will also cover any damage done to your vehicle. It does not matter who is at fault, your car or truck is covered. It will be repaired if possible or replaced if needed. Replacement will be done in one of two ways. You will get the amount that the car is currently worth, or you will get a set amount that is decided upon. This is up to you and your insurer. When you compare car insurance in QLD make sure you find out how they prefer to settle a claim.
  3. It covers accidental fires that may spread to your car. For instance, if you have a burn pile get out of control and it spreads to your parking area, damage done to your car will be covered.
  4. Arson is also covered with this type of insurance. If you have parked your car for the night and a destructive person decides to set it on fire, you will be covered by the number of repairs or the cost of replacement.
  5. If a thief gains access to your car and it is not recovered, you will be compensated for it. If it is found and returned with damage, repairs will be covered by the policy. If the thief fails to gain entrance to your vehicle but does damage to it, you are covered as well.
  6. Your personal effects may be covered, such as baby seats or dog kennels. Items that are in your car at the time of the accident.
  7. One thing that many of us never think about when getting coverage for our vehicles is mother nature, and the weather events that she causes. This coverage will cover you against most natural disasters, as well as heavy storms that may cause damage to your vehicle.
  8. The tow bill is covered if you get stranded due to an accident. Some policies will give you the choice, instead, to pay for one night’s lodging somewhere. If this is offered, it will be included in your original policy.
  9. Broken or damaged glass may be replaced or repaired if it has been added to your contract.
  10. If you are found to not be at fault the insurance company will pay for a rental car until your vehicle is repaired or replaced.
  11. It is important to know that this policy does not cover injuries, or death, to other people that are involved in the accident.

You will want to check with your insurance carrier to see if they have any variations of the policy as outlined above. For most people though, when you get a comprehensive car insurance package, this is what you will need to know.