What To Do When You’re Bored Online (Tips and Tricks)

christin hume mfB1B1s4sMc unsplash

Despite all the thrills and excitement of the online world, it doesn’t take long for it to get a little boring. After all, there are only so many times you refresh your Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Fortunately, though, this article has got a bag of tips and tricks just for you. By following them, you’ll never be bored online again – promise!

So, gather your friends around and get ready to learn about what to do when you’re bored online.

Play some epic online casino games

It’s time to start this mini-article with a bang.

The next time you’re bored whilst mindlessly scrolling your smartphone, do you know what you need to do? You need to play some epic online casino games. Poker, roulette, blackjack, online pokies – the party never ends. 

Plus, if you choose your casino wisely, you’ll get access to lots of free bonuses and other incentives. Happy winning!

Read some comics

Right now, comic books are more popular than ever. This is largely because of the success of recent Marvel movies in movie theatres, which have further driven people’s passion for comic books.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you don’t need to find a local comic book store to get the comics you like. Now, thanks to your smartphone, you can hop online and read them that way instead.

There are lots of comic book sites and suppliers to choose from online, such as Comic Extra and ReadComicOnline. Plus, some comics are free – and what’s not to love about that?

Google yourself (don’t be scared!)

Have you ever actually typed your name into Google and searched it? Honestly, it’s more fun than you would imagine. You might find old photos, accounts, and a whole lot more, so give it a try and see what pops up. You’ll get to go down memory lane and gain a stronger understanding of what your digital footprint looks like. Plus, if you come across any old and embarrassing Facebook accounts from when you were a kid, you can close them down immediately!

Organize your iCloud storage and emails

Are you an iPhone user? If so, you’ll know that it doesn’t take long for iCloud storage and emails to get a little crazy and out of control. Rather than staring at your screen bored out of your mind, you should take an hour to tidy and organize your storage and emails, from deleting old photos to labeling new email folders.

After you’ve done it, it will feel like a giant rock has been lifted off your shoulders. Hooray for organization!

Order some new home décor

Shopping online for home décor is always fun, no matter what mood you’re in. You could finally order a replacement for your old and dusty desk chair, or treat yourself to some fresh wall art. Be creative and remember to always shop safely – never give your credit card details to shady websites!

Make an Instagram account for your pet

If you have a pet, whether it’s a cute puppy or an adventurous cat, you should make an Instagram account specifically for your bundle of joy! Doing this will allow you to create a digital timeline for your pet that you can look back on in future years with fond memories. Plus, you get to show off your pet’s life to your friends and followers, which is pretty cool.