Why are beautiful women so popular in VR?


Virtual Reality has come a long way since its early days. One of the most enduring trends in VR is the use of beautiful women. This began with simple 3D renders of women but has evolved to include real-time performances by famous women. So why are VR producers using beautiful women so often? And where can you find these virtual vixens?

Of course, there is something about beautiful women that has always fascinated people since the dawn of civilization. Maybe it’s the way they can effortlessly capture our attention or the way they seem to embody all of the things we find attractive. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that virtual reality has taken advantage of this fascination by featuring stunning women in many of its productions. In this blog post, we will explore why this trend has become so popular and name some famous women who have performed in VR.

The concept of beauty

The human brain is extremely attracted to faces and beauty in general. This has been scientifically proven because of the Mirror Neurons theory, which proposes that humans have functioned as if they’re equipped with a special sensor for assessing their own facial satisfactions or discrepancies (the so-called “assessment machinery”). The evidence also suggests people are more inclined toward physical attractiveness when it comes to deciding on a partner – a factor often taken into account during successful negotiations between two parties who want each other’s company but not necessarily anything else.

Beauty in VR

So why are beautiful women so popular in VR? There are a few theories. First, there’s the notion that good-looking people are simply more pleasant to look at than average or below-average-looking folks. This is especially true when it comes to virtual reality, where we can choose who we want to look at. If we’re stuck in a virtual world, we might as well look at people who are easy on the eyes, right?


Second, there’s the idea that beautiful women help to sell VR technology. This is especially true when it comes to headsets and other hardware. If people see attractive women using VR technology, they may be more likely to want to try it out for themselves. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience virtual reality with a beautiful woman by their side?

And finally, there’s the notion that beautiful women make VR more immersive. This is because we tend to pay more attention to people who are good-looking. As a result, we’re more likely to be pulled into the virtual world if there are beautiful women around.

Vina Sky in VR

First off, we recommend exploring some Vina Sky VR channels, to get an idea of how great this actress is in virtual reality.  Vietnamese beauty Vina Sky is one of the most popular performers in virtual reality. She’s been in the industry for many years and has starred in a number of VR films. Her popularity stems from her willingness to try just about anything and her natural ability to make any scene hot. She has an uncanny ability to connect with the viewer, making them feel like they’re actually there in the room with Vina.

One of her most popular scenes is called Wild Things, released in March 2020 courtesy of top VR production studio SLR Originals. Alongside Vina, it features Kenzie Reeves as your stunning blonde girlfriend. It’s a steamy threesome scene like no other, and a must-try if you really want to see the dictionary definition of beauty in VR.

Where can you find VR beauty?

With the growing popularity of virtual reality, people are now able to experience beauty through their headsets. VR has shown us a whole other side of ourselves and it’s often times more enchanting than what we see outside our screens.

If you’re looking for a beautiful woman to take your virtual reality experience to the next level, then look no further than Vina Sky at VR sites like SexLikeReal. She is sure to make any VR experience one that you’ll never forget. Trust us, once you see her in action, you’ll be hooked on VR forever.

So there you have it: a look at why beautiful women are so popular in VR, as well as arguably the virtual world’s most famous example. Give it a try. We’re certain you won’t be disappointed.