Ideas For Meeting Women (That Don’t Involve Bars or Clubs)

how to meet mature women

How do you meet mature women? Act mature. Seriously. Getting loaded with your buddies or other limp-dick barflies every other night will A) possibly land you a floozy every so often, or B) give you an enormous beer gut, horrendous hangover, and possibly land you a floozy every so often.

We’re not lecturing you or trying to tell you how to live. We’re not going to quit boozing anytime soon, but we also know that in order to be taken seriously by a woman we’re seriously into we need to clean up our act. The idea is to find a partner, not a babysitter.

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Your first intuition would be to look online, right? Good idea. But where do you look? There are too many dating website to count, and they’ve gotten so granular you can narrow it down to your fetish (diapers, Bronies) to extra-marital affairs to sugar daddies and mammas. So you can go that route and try to nab yourself an older woman (notice how we didn’t say cougar?), or you can try your luck with a free or pay site and use an extra specific profile. Whether you go with a free site like Plenty of Fish or a pay site like Match, be specific in your profile. Not insanely specific, but be honest about your likes, dislikes, and deal breakers. Too often guys try to pass themselves off as people they think women want to be with instead of who they are — do that and you’re screwed.

Also, be selective. There are hundreds of thousands of people online, and whether you’re swiping right or replying via message, be choosy. Otherwise you’ll end up on a date with someone like this (which is a joke profile, by the way):

funny online profile how to meet mature women

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Want to say offline? Scope out the activities in Groupon, LivingSocial, and Amazon Local. Most are heavily discounted and offer plenty of cool things you’d probably overlook. Like what? A BYOB painting class, a craft beer booze cruise, exercise and fitness classes, cooking classes, etc. The selections change daily and can give you the opportunity to get out and about while putting you around like-minded women who are into the same things you are.

groupon local deals how to meet mature women