Why are Some Top Portable Generators for Off Grid Living?

Portable Generators

The allure of off-grid living is a strong one to many Americans. It’s a romantic ideal that features the freedom that we all seek, and one that seems to be embedded as part of the American Dream. That’s not to say it’s for everyone, but haven’t you at least thought about it once or twice? When we talk about off grid living, we’re not necessarily thinking of being out in the wilderness; many people go off grid and create their own energy for heat, light and living in townhouses. How is it done? Well, you need a generator, and there’s a whole range of solar generators that are portable and suitable for off grid living. Let’s have a look at what they’re all about.

About Portable Generators

The market for portable solar generators has taken off in the last couple of years. The ongoing covid-19 pandemic led to a surge in demand for these clever devices as fears of the crisis worsening to the extent that power sources would be affected grew. Then there are people who simply want to save money on generating electricity by creating heir own, and others who choose to live in remote locations that are truly off the grid, and that have no connection to mains electric power supplies.

These compact and yet often powerful generators harness the rays of the sun by way of solar panels. Advances in solar technology means that panels are far more effective and efficient these days, and a small solar generator – preferably a top-rated model – will be able to provide enough power to keep your essential appliances working. If you want to use everything together, you may need to invest in a bigger and more versatile generator of a permanent nature, and these can be expensive.

A further advantage to portable solar generators is that you can move them around and take them with you when you go on an RV or camping trip. Versatile and useful, they can be expensive but need not break the bank so make sure you search carefully for one with enough power for your needs.

Where Off Grid Living Works

So you want to live off grid, but where can you do so? There are laws and regulations from state to state but generally you can achieve some level of off grid living in most places across the USA. These are five of the most popular states for off-grid living in the US:

  • New York – there are some quite strict rules regarding off grid living in New York State, but it’s far from difficult to achieve. With some beautiful places to choose from it’s no surprise this is a popular choice.
  • New Mexico – very popular for off grid compounds where many families live, New Mexico may not be to everyone’s taste but is a great and affordable place to live if you’re up for it.
  • Utah – the vast unspoilt expanses of Utah make it a target for off grid living to the extent there are home brokers in the state specializing in this form of living.
  • Florida – a story did the rounds that off-grid living is illegal in Florida, but that’s not true. Adhere to the state guidelines and you can take advantage of the wonderful weather.
  • California – the number 1 state for off gird living, it’s not unusual to find a neighbour in the likes of Los Angeles or San Francisco who has gone off grid.

With the future of solar energy in the USA looking bright there’s no doubt more people will consider off grid living, so check out those generators right now.