Why Grounding and Centering is Important for Wellbeing

Grounding and centering is an important practice to help reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. It is a way of connecting with the present moment and being mindful of our physical bodies. Through this practice, we can honor our feelings as they come up in order to gain more clarity on how we feel and how to respond appropriately. Let’s take a closer look at why grounding and centering is so important for wellbeing.

What Is Grounding and Centering?

Grounding and centering is a mindfulness practice that encourages us to focus on our physical body in order to bring ourselves into the present moment. This helps us to be more aware of how we are feeling in any particular moment, allowing us to be more conscious of our emotional states.

The goal of grounding and centering is to become aware of any uncomfortable sensations or feelings without reacting or judging them. The idea behind it is that when we are connected to our bodies, it becomes easier to cope with difficult emotions because we can better identify what they are and how they manifest in our bodies.

How Does the Practice Work?

The practice itself involves taking some time out from your day-to-day life—even if it’s just five minutes—to sit quietly in a comfortable place with your eyes closed. Then you can begin by focusing on your breath and feeling each inhalation and exhalation as it moves through your body.

You can then take this awareness further by imagining roots growing from the base of your spine down into the ground beneath you—this will help you connect even more deeply with the earth around you. As you continue breathing steadily, focus on different parts of your body one-by-one until you have taken stock of each part from head to toe (e.g., “my feet are relaxed, my legs feel heavy…”).

This will allow you to gain greater awareness of how each part feels in its current state; this awareness allows us to observe without judgment or reaction. While doing this exercise, many people find that their minds wander away from their body—that’s completely normal! Simply notice where your mind has gone off too and then bring it back into focus on your breath or body when ready.


Grounding and centering is an incredibly helpful tool for managing stress levels, anxiety, tension, etc.. By taking some time out from our day-to-day lives to become more aware of our physical bodies, we can better understand how we feel emotionally which allows us to respond appropriately rather than react impulsively or blindly. Taking just five minutes out of your day can make all the difference! Give grounding a try today!