Why Men Are So Selfish

We’ve all heard the age-old stereotype about men being selfish. But why is this the case? Is it something that is inherent in their biology, or is it a learned behavior? In this blog post, we will explore some of the possible reasons why men are viewed as being so selfish.

Gender Stereotypes

One of the main reasons why men are seen as being more selfish than women is because of gender stereotypes. Society has long held certain expectations for what it means to be a “man” and what it means to be a “woman”.

Many of these expectations revolve around how people should act, with men often expected to be more aggressive and independent while women are expected to be more nurturing and selfless. This can lead to men feeling like they don’t have to live up to certain standards and, as a result, they can become more selfish.

Biological Differences

Another possible explanation for why men appear to be more selfish than women could be related to biological differences between the sexes. While both genders have similar levels of empathy, research has found that overall men tend to have lower levels of empathy than women. This could explain why they may appear to be more self-centered when making decisions or interacting with others.

Socialization Processes

The third reason why some people view men as being selfish could relate to socialization processes throughout life. From an early age, boys are often encouraged by society and their families to take care of themselves first before helping others. This can lead them to believe that their own needs should always come first, which can then lead them down a path towards becoming more self-focused and less likely to think about how their actions affect those around them.


While there may never be one definitive answer as to why some people view men as being so selfish, it is clear that there are many potential explanations behind this stereotype. From gender roles and biological differences between the sexes, to socialization processes throughout life—all of these factors can play a role in shaping one’s views on masculinity and whether or not they think men are naturally selfish creatures or not.

Regardless of the underlying cause, though, it is important for us all—regardless of our gender—to strive towards becoming better versions of ourselves by thinking about how our actions affect those around us and working hard every day towards creating a kinder world for everyone.