5 Skin Issues That Men Tend To Have

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Our skin is the largest organ that is exposed to the external environment more frequently than the other organs. Although the skin protects all other organs as it serves as our primary barrier against external factors, yet still this makes it more important that we pay attention to keeping it in good condition so that it continues to serve its purpose without any compromise to its health. Environmental pollutants like dirt, smoke, pathogenic microorganisms, and dust end up on the surface of our skin daily, why is why it is necessary to clean the skin regularly.

If the skin is not rid of these impurities then this can cause several issues related to the skin to occur. And once you develop a skin issue then it can get tricky and costly to get the skin back in good condition. So it is recommended to adhere to a basic skincare routine, comprised of cleansing, exfoliation (occasionally), moisturizing, and putting on sunscreen, for keeping the skin healthy. For reading more about skincare you can visit clearskinregime.com. Men tend to disregard their skin health more than women, which is why you will see the prevalence of some common skin issues in men. We will be covering the 5 most commonly found skin issues among men in this article.

1. Irregular Skin Pigmentation
This may occur because of overexposure to sunlight and not wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen should be applied at all times. If you intend to step out of the house, no matter if it is cloudy out there, you should always be wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen will protect you from harmful UV radiations which raise the risk of suffering from skin cancer.

2. Blackheads
Inadequate cleansing results in the appearance of blackheads. Seldom will you find men exfoliating their skin, which is why their pores remain clogged up with gunk resulting in blackheads. Every once in a while exfoliation should be done, especially if you think you sweat a lot and have oily skin.

3. Acne
Acne is not an age-bound problem. It can occur at any time and due to many possible reasons. One reason can be not adequately washing your skin. Not washing skin can take its toll in the form of acne if you live in a hot and humid area, or if you tend to take too much stress. There are lots of products catering to acne available in stores that you can apply to get rid of those annoying and itchy acne pimples.

You may consider incorporating red light therapy products, such as solawave, into your skincare routine. These products have shown promise in reducing acne and promote healthy clear skin.

4. Oily Skin And Dry Skin
Men relatively produce more sebum than women. The presence of excess oil and sebum on the skin can easily take hold of external pollutants. Therefore it is necessary to cleanse your face regularly if you have an oily skin type.

For men having dry skin, usually, a moisturizer after cleansing will make their skin texture much more bearable and less flaky.

5. Razor Bumps And Other Related Shaving IssuesShaving can result in cuts and bumps and can cause skin dryness. Make sure you sterilize and change your razor blades regularly. For redness and irritated skin, you can apply soothing gels like fresh aloe vera gel.