Yet Another Way To Be Despicably Lazy!

Ever since Segway company owner Jimi “Don’t Call Me Hendrix” Heselden plunged to his death when he drove his own Segway off a cliff, personal mobility device makers have been racing to invent the next big thing in going to great lengths to avoid walking. Well, Honda’s new Uni-Cub may have just shot into the lead … okay, maybe not “shot” into the lead. Let’s say it meandered into the lead.

The Uni-Cub, much like the Segway, allows a rider to control it by shifting his or her body weight. Unlike the Segway, the Uni-Cub is sleek and quiet enough to navigate the tomb-like hallways of any office park building. Plus, Uni-Cub riders aren’t forced to burn valuable calories “standing up” as they are on Segways; instead, they sit on the ergonomic Uni-Cub. According to Honda, this configuration “promotes harmony between the rider and others, letting the rider travel freely and comfortably inside facilities among moving people.” The device also boasts a fancy Omni Traction Drive System, which allows a rider to not only to move forwards and backwards, but side to side as well. Sort of like walking!

If you’re eager to be sitting down 95 percent of the time instead of your usual 90, we have bad news — the Uni-Cub isn’t yet available to the general public (Honda is going to begin testing the device in Japan). In the meantime, you’ll just have to use your legs like a sucker.