Your E-Cigarette Can Receive Calls, Play MP3s Now

bluetooth supersmoker

The Supersmoker Bluetooth ($100) is an e-cigarette that can receive phone calls and play music. Seriously. When a call comes in it vibrates. Pretty standard for receiving calls. The trouble is, there’s no audio jack for headphones. That means when you take a call you have to bother everyone around you with your conversation.

And since you’ve cursed plenty of inconsiderate a-holes who have put their calls on speaker while grocery shopping, you have to decide if you want to join the ranks of the thoughtless. We hope you don’t.

Also, if you’re turning to e-cigs or vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking — and the jury is still out as to whether the secondhand vapor they emit is dangerous — get ready for the lawdogs to start restricting when and where you can light, er, power your e-cig up. There has been a big push to limit their usage. In New York there are limits on where you can vape, and Los Angeles city officials recently voted to ban them from workplaces, city beaches, parks, and in restaurant outdoor seating areas.